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  1. Personal Story Restoration

    I'm super excited for this, too, I've been really curious about the Greatest Fear storyline and I am super stoked to finally be able to play it! Soloable Zhaitan is also good, but that's what I'm really most excited about
  2. To Beta or Not To Beta

    The first timeslot is at a reasonable time for me, but the rest is really late. I might just decide to go with the irresponsible thing and stay up for all three of those anyway, BUT WE'LL SEE. I'm so excited and hype for it :(
  3. Teamspeak Icons!

    This is probably a bit of a stupid suggestion, since I do realize keeping track of it is going to be a hassle, but I was wondering if perhaps you could consider adding an icon to earn after x amount of times (like ten or fifteen, something high up so it's something to earn) someone steps up to whisper TTS guilds, or something like that? It's not a very exciting task and again, probably more work to implement it efficiently than it warrants, but I've noticed at EU raids it's sometimes a struggle to have people step up for it, and the ones who do are usually the same handful of people. Maybe having something to earn for bragging rights would motivate people? Sorry if this isn't the right place to bring this up, but I was wondering if this could be helpful in any way at all!
  4. Teamspeak Icons!

    These are all so cool!! And also a good idea to make things more challenging and interesting, let's get all of them EU slot!!
  5. Gaming with Relatives

    I bought a copy for my sister on the most recent sale, but she's come only to a single Crimson run so far! I explained her everything to do and she was actually quite receptive, down to making sure to stick to the commander's tag on phase 2. So far her biggest failure has been falling off the yellow extractor, but aside from that, she'd doing pretty okay :) Next time I'll bring her to Cobalt and see how much she will cry over kegs spawn...
  6. Personal story update/Arah Story mode will be soloable

    Hey, I love doing story mode!! It's what got me really hooked to the game (okay, that and obsessing over map completion) I think this is a good change since the rest of Personal Story can be done in solo, but honestly I had more fun running around with friends in Arah story mode than in actually doing the instance, without people to goof around with it does lose a bit of its charm. But still at least people can finish it without having troubles if they don't like LFG and don't have a party of friends to help them.

    This is so exciting! I'm definitely buying a couple of tickets, but I'll absolutely keep an eye out on social media for the free entries too. The trivia time for it today at EU raid was super fun to witness, too, this is both really cool and fun, hope lots of people take part in it (though I don't doubt it) IT'S A FUN RAISING like saith said
  8. Happy Birthday, Raven and Birds!

    Oh this is so cute!!! Happy birthday Raven, hope you had a super great one!
  9. About you!

    Hello everyone! I am quite new but super excited to be part of this community,it's a pleasure to meet you all! I've started the game very recently, so I'm still learning about it as I go, but I did a couple of teql runs before already, as well as got taxied in a wurm raid by a friend about a week ago! and those are about my two favourite bosses so I am really really looking forward properly doing them both with the guild! Name: Finnell or Deli, both works really Characters: Delitan (main) - Warrior Finnel Fortune - Mesmer Assigned to: Teq Timelords Squad About me: I'm a little shy but generally very chipper and friendly, I'm pretty chill so I'm just a generally easy-going person, there's not much that rustles my jimmies, so to speak. I'm Italian so ESL user here, but I can listen in to instructions just fine so that's not a worry! My favourite GW feature is the ability to use dyes, I can now finally have the bubblegum princess character I've always dreamed of. Something people don't know about me: I cannot sleep without my favourite pillow Colour of underwear: trade secret

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