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    I have no doubt that both SAB and the team stopping legendaries for work on living story were both planned well in advance (since that's how development generally works), but I am incredibly cynical about their choice in the timing of the announcements. It seems like a pretty blatant attempt to dump bad news and then distract people with something we've wanted for a very long time.
  2. Huehuehuehuehue

    I mean it's pretty much what she already said. It's allowed and it's how the fight has evolved on Live. There are no images because the conversation took place on Teamspeak when my guild was approached following some testing we were lucky enough to get in on the raids. We decided to take advantage of the opportunity and ask some questions we had.
  3. Huehuehuehuehue

    Well that's an incredibly negative and inaccurate view of the devs. They actually at one point made it impossible to do then put the ability to reflect/block them back in. The dev I've spoken to said that yes it was unintended but that they really enjoy seeing the creativity the community has and how they figure out ways to do encounters. Edited because words are hard.
  4. Huehuehuehuehue

    Oh good now people can stop claiming the PM was photoshopped.
  5. [Request] Herald

    He's mostly been running Mallyx when we need boon strip. I know for Gorseval he's almost exclusively been Shiro/Glint. Staff is almost always the preferred secondary set because of breakbar, and sword mainhand is basically required. The offhand is completely situational. As far as I know the sword offhand is because of the short cooldown on the block on 4 as well as the pull on 5 for positioning adds.
  6. Verdant Brink - Treasure mushroom spawns on the Treacherous Paths area west of Noble Ledges. Take Treacherous Paths waypoint and go north to find it. Auric Basin - Treasure mushroom spawns in the Weeping Glade (POI SW of Eastwatch Bluff words on the map). Take the Nuhoch Wallows near the Chak Hollow waypoint to get there super fast, otherwise you can get there just by going north from that waypoint. Tangled Depths - Treasure mushroom spawns in the grub pit. Easiest way is to go to Teku Nuhoch and take the Nuhoch Wallows to the grub pit. There are, of course, other ways to get there but this takes you to the spawn area. (It actually can be anywhere from the wallows to a bit south of the wallows). Dragon's Stand - Treasure mushroom spawns near one of the 3 forward camps. It can be any of the 3 (or maybe all 3? I'm unclear on this point) and only after successful completion of Mouth of Mordremoth.
  7. Heads up on the Mushroom Spores Event

    Shazbawt tweeted before that anything with endless mobs that drops loot is most likely an exploit. So if you ever find something like that I'd recommend reporting it and not doing it. I've found getting the mastery points themselves is the harder part once you're over about 60 levels in maguuma, anyway, not the xp itself.
  8. Heart of Thorns II

    The precursors from collections will be account bound.
  9. BWE3 Raids

    Nice ^^ Hope you all had fun with it. This is definitely the most enjoyable content I've played in GW2 in a long time, although I'm also looking forward to the changes they'll make with fractals in HoT.
  10. BWE3 Raids

    How far did you guys get?
  11. BWE3 Raids

    They're up now, just fyi.
  12. Should We Gear Check Raids?

    Based on what I saw at raids this is incorrect.
  13. Should We Gear Check Raids?

    So uh, having spent a few hours doing this raid tonight and getting through a few phases of the boss, you are definitely going to need to run the meta, and I would be very surprised if people in exotics are going to be able to clear it unless they are like, the best players in the game (in which case they probably have ascended gear anyway). I would really really encourage people to take the time between now and HoT (and then raid release) and do your daily crafting. Work on getting at least the mats for ascended gear. You have *tons* of time to do it before raids are released. Even if you don't want to make the actual gear because you're not sure what the meta will be (we went through trying Zealot's, Cleric's, and Cele gear just on druid alone as an example) I would strongly encourage people take the time to at least start gathering the ascended mats and doing the daily crafting. Also do the daily quartz crystal charging so you have it in case you want to make cele gear.
  14. Guardian: Healing Tank

    I don't think anyone said "You can't run this build" so you might wanna be just a teensy bit less defensive. Again, if you are willing to learn how to play the better build you will give your team all of the survivability that a clerics build gives without the loss of dps. It's a higher skill build but I've always been one to advocate for people constantly striving to improve themselves. Play what you want but I'd still advocate it's always worth trying to learn to play a stronger build.
  15. Guardian: Healing Tank

    Okay so, altruistic healing is really just... a spec made because your group is too garbage to do fractals without it. People don't learn encounters and you don't even really get any better by playing that sort of spec. A guardian can carry and manage threat without playing altruistic healing. If you run: Radiance - 2/2/1 Honor - 1/3/2 Virtues - 3/2/3 You will bring just as much to the table without sacrificing your own damage. Running altruistic healing is a huge decrease in the damage your guardian can do which will directly make it harder for your group to live (like supernova said) because fights will take longer. Additionally, as a guardian you can run full zerk with zerk trinkets and just swap in 1-2 pieces of Knight's gear (or even start with 3-4 and work your way down until you're comfortable holding threat) and utilize earth elementals from your eles to help manage boss threat. For weapons you just have to get used to cycling blocks and whatnot with mace/focus + gs, using renewed focus as your elite. Staff is really just... not a weapon you want., You can stack more might using empowering might and strength runes. You should be able to take basically every boss to the face with that build. Heck I'd even be willing to help anyone who wants to learn how to be a better guardian in fotm. This build/gearset will let you do the same thing that is your stated goal in your post but you will do it more efficiently, do more damage, and better contribute to your group. It takes slightly higher skill to do this instead of rolling clerics, but ultimately it will make you a better player if you can get used to it. Edit - Full props to Brazil for a lot of the info I've learned/just stated about guardians.

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