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  1. Heart of Thorns Notes

    Really wish they'd get around to Druid . . . That's what I'm waiting for more than anything else. Still haven't pre-purchased due in part to that (in part to it being a pre-purchase).
  2. Dungeons skin unlocks without doing dungeons

    Yeah, just tried both the weapon vendors in DR and Ebonhawke with no result.
  3. WvW maps no longer required for World Completion

    Aw, man. I actually enjoyed that, and I did it around the time my server ranked 5th (in bronze!). But I can see why people would be against it.
  4. What Am I Looking At?

    I suppose this fits under strange . . . maybe. I didn't want to make a new thread, and this seems like the closest to a general screenshots thread. Apologies for the necro! Maybe. Decided to take a screen of the reflect team today (team aqua with matching outfits, yeah!) when Kazahikari went and did the Ring crawl. Oh, here's an old one: the GS-flute.
  5. The Three Word Story!

    a three-headed ├ęclair!
  6. What are you listening to currently?

    @heartstrings: You linked the same video twice, there, chum. Not a bad track nevertheless. And the Nicki Minaj video is unavailable. Don't know if that's a region thing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5emFk6bRiUw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wn15rH6axms
  7. Pic(Re)flects Guide for Triple Trouble

    Don't mean to necro the thread, but thanks for the gifs, Evers. They were indispensable when I was learning to do reflects. I absolutely cannot stand watching Youtube videos for these things because of how needlessly drawn out they can be (or needless to begin with), so the gifs were a huge boon. Also great for on the spot referencing. Many thanks.
  8. The Great Taco Vote!

  9. Freebies, Giveaways & SALES

    GW2 is 75% off ($10 USD) for the next 48 hours. http://buy.guildwars2.com/store/gw2/en_US/
  10. Website Overhaul

    Fantastic job on the website, Ailarin. Lookin' spruce.
  11. LightGuardianJack and those upvotes

    Interesting exchange. I would prefer something more risky at any rate. I hate using Berserker's Power because it's so damn boring.
  12. LightGuardianJack and those upvotes

    Disagreements how?
  13. Yoda's bedroom of secrets

    Super job, Yoda. Looks marvy. I'm especially partial to the lips. You've got a style I can get behind. Maybe figuratively. Maybe.
  14. Heart of Thorns Notes

    I wonder what the cap is on masteries if there is a cap. It looks like the one (can't remember the name and can't be bothered to look it up) may be required or at least really help with the Wyvern boss. They also mention how leveling up past 80 will grant you a mastery point, and that leads me to my stack of Tomes of Knowledge. Wonder if that will work. I watched the TenTonHammer video on gliding. Doesn't look quite as natural as, say, Aion, but it's still something I'm looking forward to. Edit: Ninja'd by Sostronk! Yeah, I haven't even watched anything wrt stronghold yet. That they keep saying it's so MOBA-like is giving me less reason to. :(
  15. Photography!

    I know absolutely nothing about photography. That considered, those are some good shots. I think.

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