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  1. Don't get drunk and go on TS ._.

    1. Inari


      Hope you had a good birthday though!

    2. Merforga


      Hahhahahhahahhahhaha. To be fair your rendition of all about that bass was pretty good poetry. 

    3. NexForce


      Person A: "Jay, go home you're drunk"
      Jay: "But how can I be on ts if I'm not home?"
      Person B: "Go check the front door to see if it's your house"
      Jay goes check.....

  2. Welcome Ailarin as NA Probie!

    Congrats gucci man
  3. Welcome Logan Schism as NA Probie!

    Congrats Logan! ^-^
  4. Welcome Valkyrie Skyqueen as NA Probie!

    Congrats! ^-^
  5. Congrats to Lord Erin The Wise, NA Leader!

    Ayy my boy Erin :D Congrats dude.
  6. Forum Badges - Art Help Needed

    I am going to be working on mine a little, see what i can do to makes them 100% and ill submit them by this weekend :).
  7. Forum Badges - Art Help Needed

    @Alienfirst they are freakin' awesome!.
  8. Adorable Pet Pictures

    Me and one of my cats :D .
  9. Forum Badges - Art Help Needed

    Hmm i'll see what i can do :) So this is what i have so far, please give feedback thankyou.
  10. Steam!

    Hey guys, Anyone that plays steam games and wants someone new to play with add me up. :) https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198035771486/ ^ Thats a link to my steam profile ( |K2O5M| Jay) I play CSGO, GTA V, Mortal Kombat X and all them fun games. I am just looking for people to play with outside of raid times.
  11. TTS Speed Tequatl

    Lets do this Super! :D
  12. Proof that Summer loves Murellows

    Hahaha! Summer didn't even know, keep watching your back Summer ;) we will be everywhereeeee xD .
  13. Yoda's bedroom of secrets

    not sure what else to write down =/ This looks awesome! keep up the amazing art :)
  14. Speed run records

    OCE 19/04/2015 11:29 Lead by Su Pe R Nova and Haruka Chann
  15. Made a CSGO smoke tutorial. If you play CSGO, check it out!

    I like the idea, I usually stand next to "car" and throw it JUST high enough to get over that roof. It smokes the front side of "spools" if you throw it right.

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