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  1. What are you listening to currently?

    and the original
  2. OCE has a new Probie. Welcome Gorzon!

    Congrats, and hope you're good at making sandwiches.
  3. [NA Static] Trin's Traitors Recruiting

    Forums are dead Trindine (language warning) (jk, I hope)
  4. Serpent's Ire Guide

  5. Serpent's Ire Guide

    Just gotta now figure out what caused the health swapping/regening the other night.
  6. What are you listening to currently?

    coworker found this
  7. TTS Pokemon General Thread!

    Nexforces twitter?

    Will there be a live demonstration from Merf the Chef?
  9. TTS Pokemon General Thread!

    https://imgur.com/gallery/VzDJV https://imgur.com/gallery/uE4sy
  10. Stepping Down

  11. Stuff updated

    awww rip.
  12. Stuff updated

    http://imgur.com/gallery/DMHXUos https://i.imgur.com/DMHXUos.mp4 rip imgur links?
  13. PoF Expansion Plans and Schedule

    This. Was probably the only one that voted to keep guilded hollow. But now I'm actually curious on what will need to be done to get the new one. Will we be fighting branded? Awakened? Forged? (or put out fires as merf suggested on discord...)
  14. PoF Expansion Plans and Schedule

    still think it should have been a different tts guild...
  15. [AMA] Asian commander

    So doesn't this mean he needs a new name? Can no longer be called commander.
  16. TTS Now Sells Raids!

    Another Slippery Slubling run? ;) ;)
  17. Welcome to our Newest Probationary Commander - Tamiyo

    Welcome. I'm sure they've told you about their sandwich requests already.
  18. I...I can't....

    at least he gained a quarter of the last kid instead of losing one.
  19. NA/PAC Guild Hall Trophy Spreadsheet

    theres a math error in twinkies sloth line. also, seems like Teq Squad (best squad) doesn't seem to like TT...
  20. GW2 "Screenies" :D

    hehe, that one behind doesn't seem to know how to process that either
  21. GW2 "Screenies" :D

    Inventory is not full ;) I have about 10-15 spots free (I think).

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