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  1. Another Slippery Slubling run? ;) ;)
  2. Welcome. I'm sure they've told you about their sandwich requests already.
  3. at least he gained a quarter of the last kid instead of losing one.
  4. theres a math error in twinkies sloth line. also, seems like Teq Squad (best squad) doesn't seem to like TT...
  5. hehe, that one behind doesn't seem to know how to process that either
  6. Inventory is not full ;) I have about 10-15 spots free (I think).
  7. True form of Aureene :D
  8. I'm assuming that first shot is from the last mission? (I haven't finished it yet) So maybe she has gotten around to building scruffy 2.0...
  9. well that was disappointing (maybe too strong a word)... Will send the winner(s) the gold in a couple days (remind me if I haven't) just to give 'em time to hopefully do it themselves so I don't spoil it for 'em.
  10. hmm. looks like theres no way to just close the poll (or I'm just missing it). Only thing I can find is remove question, but that'd get rid of the votes (I think). And now that the patch is out, I've taken a screenshot of the numbers. So when I finish the story, if any of them turn out to be correct I'll try to mail out the gold.
  11. One more day... with so few in each one, and votes in general, maybe I'll give 5g to each.