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  1. 2016 and the Year Ahead for TTS

    Also: To me, neither of these are justification for the requirement of 2 slots. Setting a member to active is frankly no big deal. Its maybe 2 or 3 mintues a night. Neither would be filing PR reports if the situation arose. Obviously @Merforga has the reins and is free to do whatever he likes, but this simply seems to stifle growth potential with no reason other than "it's how we've always done it."
  2. I'm putting this out here. Don't even try to autotune it, we'll catch you! <3
  3. When will we be seeing/hearing any footage that was taken of this event?
  4. 2016 and the Year Ahead for TTS

    As an example of what? Putting in way more than the minimum? Someone who did their requirements while NA leaders who were online were treating events as bonus nights off and organizing things at the same time under the TTS banner instead of assisting with scheduled events? @Ivan Truthe knows what I mean here. Various leaders have stepped down up front when they felt they could no longer fulfill their commitments. Some in advance, others long past when they'd stopped fulling them. Icons are a red herring. Its really not about that. Fundamentally my disappointment is with the disparity between your original post in January and this one. It sounded like you were going to take the opportunity to subdivide according to roles and have requirements be something that reflected those roles accordingly. No 2IC leaves you without a clear leadership structure. You've increased overhead where I felt you could have refined the leadership to those who were performing highly. You do not need more people toggling people from inactive to active. You don't need more people being chat police. Those are the only logistical reasons I see for 'Administrators' to be in more than one TTS guild. You need people willing to step up and run events in their timezone. There aren't many people who do TTS events outside their timezone. Commanders should have no problem keeping up with active-status for their own guild, and admins can get stuff when no one else is on. I fully expect there to be enough commander coverage that at least one is on per guild in the timezone. You need an appropriate leader to member ratio in each timezone. Otherwise you wind up with what we had before where it felt like we were getting leaders based not on their skill, professionalism, or any trait I'd consider valuable in leadership, only because we needed warm bodies. NA Prime (reset) shed most of its leaders to Pacific where there's hardly any member base, while NA recently had to decide what they're doing for the evening based on how many leaders show up.
  5. 2016 and the Year Ahead for TTS

    By the way, can we make this current? : http://ttsgamers.com/about-tts/leader-list/
  6. 2016 and the Year Ahead for TTS

    Is there any change in expectations in terms of mandatory attendance amounts? Number of Guilds we'd need to be in? Etc.
  7. Leader and TTS members derp page!

    "You have 3 tags, yellow blue red and purple.." - Saith of Dusk,
  8. Speed Run Records! (The Diamond Icon)

    Video is the solution to this.
  9. Privacy concerns aside. If you're not comfortable with proof of something being etched into permanent form you shouldn't be doing it in the first place. (And Spicca I hope that's WON the following things. I'd hate to think the community might only get ONE of those.)
  10. Pacific Timezone!

    What are even timezones? We're totally aiming for 24/7 coverage right? Maybe when the new system is in place, that will be a possibility.
  11. Pacific Timezone!

    Are you two the only leaders who've officially declared Pacific as your timezone home?
  12. Ooze Buddy Lives!

    Make colossus, sell colossus. ; If you'd crafted it originally, it's on the vendor. Dual wielding not required. Its not like you need Juggernaut.
  13. Migraine (Achievement)

    Husk blocking ftw. One person's exploit is another person's emergent strategy, as always, you are responsible for your actions. Choose wisely.
  14. Raid Gear Guide

    I'd like to say.. TOUGHNESS IS EVEN BAD. Don't make life difficult on your tank.
  15. Huehuehuehuehue

    Faceblocking legit confirmed. About freaking time.

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