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  1. To be honest, most of the Dragon's Watch crew is. Thankfully some of their writing has improved over the course of Season 3, but Rox is still left bland and underdeveloped and Braham is just still so angsty for no real reason. It would make more sense if he had never returned during the course of the Heart Of Thorns storyline. :x
  2. Raven Junior! =D
  3. the spoons are my favorite
  4. I'm actually screaming about the bit with the 99.75 children, omg. So the real question is, when did the initial 11.25 happen?
  5. For context, a husk went flying at the zerg at the very start of Amber encounter. @Addy went splat. Needless to say, some things remain consistent even a year later :^) EDIT: Credit for screenshot goes to @Sensha
  6. I wouldn't count on this guy. :x
  7. https://clips.twitch.tv/TemperedYawningFishDancingBanana Need I say more?
  8. Danisnotonfire (youtuber) is a GW2 Player. They actually interviewed him on their Twitch channel once.
  9. merforga [7:47 PM] hmm? [7:47] no didnt forget =p [7:47] @readycheck "@readycheck" doesn't notify the channel. Rip.
  10. Merf trying to gamble with 10 Black Lion Keys. Needless to say... it didn't go well, Kappa https://clips.twitch.tv/TemperedLaconicBottleOSkomodo
  11. smile

    Fearless leader @Merforga and @Carrie singing "Barbie Girl" live on stream for all to see.
  12. Soooooooooooo @Aeseld may or may not have forgotten that Cobalt escort has the unique privilege of being able to delay killing the husk so that explanations and reflect training can be completed in a thorough manner. Needless to say, Reflect teams ended up showing up late to their respective wurms. It's okay, though. We still got the Wurm kill :3
  13. As Qaezie would say: "/hug"!
  14. I just didn't want you to think I was actually a misogynist D:
  15. I didn't think that's what he meant :x