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  1. Pink Day in LA

    When someone necroposts a 2 year old topic, and you think it’s new.
  2. PAC events 9/20 - 9/22

    New Legendary Mace: EurekaA new legendary weapon is now available. Speak to Grandmaster Craftsman Hobbs in Lion’s Arch to learn how to craft the new mace precursor, Endeavor, and forge the new legendary mace, Eureka. Member when they said no legendary weapons, in favor of content. I member.
  3. I have no idea what graphics card you're using, but those pictures are beautiful.
  4. A fond fairwell

    Not really sure why a leader would target you like that. I'm definitely sorry yo see you go. Feel free to pm me your skype, so we can stay in touch! 😃
  5. Cancellation of NA Events - Aug. 1

    I believe he means applying for probie, as opposed to just offering to lead an event for just one particular day. As for the calendar idea, I'm sure if you contact a leader far enough in advance, they'd be more than happy to edit the calendar for you.
  6. TTS Pokemon General Thread!

    Strong pokemon, weak pokemon, that is only a selfish perception of trainers. Truly skilled trainers win with their favourites. - Karen. She never played go.
  7. TTS Pokemon Tournament - Summer 2016: Kanto Klassic

    Everyone please send Saevai 250 packs of salt.
  8. Make-A-Meme!

    10/10 koo just won
  9. TTS Pokemon General Thread!

    Here are yesterday's revealed pokemon! Unlike previously thought, S and M will take place across the 13 canadian provinces and territories. Not the alola region!
  10. Make-A-Meme!

  11. TTS Pokemon Tournament - Summer 2016: Kanto Klassic

    Dude, i wanted to like have you meet me at #OttawaSinkhole at high noon for finals, but maybe in 3 months for Johto Classic.
  12. TTS Pokemon Tournament - Summer 2016: Kanto Klassic

    Fixed that for you :P
  13. TTS Pokemon Tournament - Summer 2016: Kanto Klassic

    It was a great match! Well done, I got greedy, should've predicted you'd use destiny bond and switched out my clefable.
  14. TTS Pokemon Tournament - Summer 2016: Kanto Klassic

    5pm pst tonight? 😃
  15. TTS Pokemon Tournament - Summer 2016: Kanto Klassic

    Alright @Moqi, when are you free to throw down some face downs?

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