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  1. How Did You Pick Your Name?

    well, When I played Everquest, I was Wompound. So I went to GW1 and made a Rit named that. Hated it. (it was before the Rit got o.p.) Then made a monk named Seyo Verde. I was taking Spanish 2 at the time. Later, with Nightfall, I liked the concept of leadership with the Paragon but not the class itself. So i ended up with Commander Seyo, Admiral Seyo, General Seyo AND DELETED THEM ALL. Then I made the Ranger, Captain Seyo. It was around the time that farming the Tomb of Primevil Kings was big and I enjoyed it. He would also start my eye-patch trend. I would end up with Captain Seyo, Seyo Verde, Seyo Azul, Seyo Spirit, Seyo Moors.........Olivia Eryx and Ziva Frost. (who would make it into gw2 as Eryx Tolvanera, Olivia Soden and ....... Ziva Frost)
  2. Raid Training

    Like me, I was running Celestial on my Ele for the longest time before switching to Bezerk and despise it. But in all seriousness, if you want to do raids, you need to do minor research. All you really need to do is watch a video on youtube of the fight and look at metabattle.com for viable builds. They will tell you which armor and crap to get. Raids are not for the common player! But we want to welcome anyone to join us! But you need to meet us half way.
  3. Break from gw2

    You'll be missed!
  4. TTS EU Overhaul Community Feedback

    So never?
  5. Guild Hall Decorations

    If you're in Timelords, Saith kept wiping any decorations I had put out so its very plain. I plan on working on scribe again after getting a guide to do it as cheap as possible and make it pretty....eventually....sometime in the far future.

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Get to living story, get to something decent. I bought GW2 to play GW2! Not a horrible idea of NES games. You quit making legendaries for this?
  7. Kantriakhor

    EU FTW!
  8. My first stressed filled wyrm commanding

    THERE IS ONLY ROOM FOR ONE CAPTAIN IN THIS GUILD!! But we appreciate you stepping up, giving it a try, and helping to keep Tyria free since 1325
  9. Southsun Cove IRL

  10. New NA Probie, RSBallor!

  11. Byte's Current Spirit Animals!

    So...Would Saith be a duck and Raven be.....himself. Or would you see them differently?
  12. Now how is Saith suppose to glide?
  13. Leader and TTS members derp page!

    after 16 minutes of Crab Scuttle, one which Lord Erin was able to complete it on the first try Saith: OMG I forgot to activate the Guild Rush.
  14. adorable profile picture.


  15. Migraine (Achievement)

    There is also a way to bug out Eir. NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU ARE BANNED! GOOGLE AND USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK. Canach's crap can be reflected fairly easily.

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