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  1. So long and thanks for all the fishheads

    Always sad to see when a commander steps down. But you have to take care of yourself. Take care.
  2. Guild Roster Consolidation

    That's true. I spend most of my TS time in the AFK channel even when I'm not. Also sometimes I see people talking the Guild chat and no one answers them (that annoys me). I always try to answer any questions or comments that I see.
  3. Guild Roster Consolidation

    Speaking as someone that was in a previously consolidate guild, I completely agree with Erik. I don't believe that consolidating (again) would be beneficial to TTS. We went from 12 down to 7 and now we are considering going down to 4 but it has not stopped the loss of numbers. All we'd be doing is putting a bandage on a gaping wound. We don't actively recruit members like the other guilds do except when we run events (and that's only in TS). And even if we did I don't feel that we do what is needed to keep the new member's with us. Shoving more people into a guild isn't going to do that either. It just makes you feel like just a number. I get that feeling at work and I don't want to have that here. This is where I come to escape RL and have fun and laugh. I do have a suggestion tho. Is it possible to design a rank that assists with the administrative aspect but not lead raids/events? I am not a talker but I would be willing to offer assistance on that part. Leading events is not my thing.
  4. HoT Pre-release and Halloween Party! All are welcome!

    sweet ... took the day off from work just for launch
  5. Does this guy remind anyone else of Kantri? :P

    I don't even know how to comment on this ... OMG!
  6. Which Disney Character Are You?

    You're Aladdin! You’re street-smart with lots of heart. Dare we call you a diamond in the rough?

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