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  1. [Raids] Tempest Guide

    Good Video. +100.
  2. Everyday I'm Shovelling

    Lets do it.
  3. Can we have a non-AFK silent channel?

    I have been approached with this idea quite a few times since this thread showed up. A quiet place for people who wish to be involved but may not wish to have a lot of loud voices in their ears. Community members with some social anxiety or would like to chat and be social in a non verbal way and having a place to be is appropriate and ethically responsible with such a large community. A very reasonable idea, make under the party channels: "Chat Channel - Quiet" Description "Channel for those who are online but don't wish to verbally talk" Please discuss seriously.
  4. Adorable Pet Pictures

    So about three weeks ago, a kitty wandered up to my front door, I tried and tried to find its home, no chip or anything... I didn't have the heart to put her up for adoption, so she joined the family :) This is my dogs first time seeing her. Doggy is a silly short black lab named Piper :D
  5. Post Your Specs!

    5930k Need to overclock eet, l 290X XFX Ghost Double Dissipation 32Gb DDR4 21600

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