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    Long walks on the beach (as long as killing a dragon is at the end), electronica music of all kinds, reading, art, hiking, and roleplaying~!

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  1. What are you listening to currently?

    Here's a couple more from my sleep mix: You GTAV folks should recognise this one. ~.^ Aaaaaand one more.
  2. What are you listening to currently?

    Been a while since I updated my listening list here, lol... A couple of oldie-but-goody songs that I have been listening to a lot lately, especially to help me sleep. Aaaaaaaand
  3. New Commanding Officer - Aeseld

    With a lemon. O.o
  4. TTS Facebook Cover Photo Contest

    I was tempted to like it, but it has a typo. Shouldn't that say "Jim"? XD
  5. Declining NA Division?

    Sadly, EU is facing a few of the same issues NA was, and has decided to (for the time being) clear their schedule until things can get figured out. PAC and OCE are the only consistently active timezones right now, so would suggest trying to hit the PAC ones if you usually went to NA. They're only a couple hours later than NA usually was.
  6. "Photographing" TTS Events/Raids

    Unless things have changed recently, it was usually okay to put screenshots of events up on other locations, as long as they didn't portray [TTS] in a negative fashion, and credit was given where due. That actually used to be a pretty big thing for stuff like Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook, when there was a group of leaders who focused on media. As long as you follow the rules outlined in the Etiquette section, all things should be fine. But yah, no recordings, especially audio recordings. Had lots of problems crop up due to that on occasion.
  7. NA/PAC training raids

    I would actually be pretty interested in this as well, as I am usually off work and such by then.
  8. Having trouble understanding Teamspeak

    Prolly in a "main" guild and the raiding guild.
  9. The 2013 Club

    Heh heh heh hehehehehe.... I love that it lists the guild I was invited to for commander coverage as my 2013 intro. I was invited originally to guild 4 in September. ...or was it guild 7? I don't remember anymore!!! Ended up eventually leaving it to switch to 4 other guilds for coverage, lmao
  10. Took a trip to Mall of America

    I approve of the overall theme, and fully endorse the direct message~! On a side note, never ever ever ever let me go to this place with any sort of means to spend money. I would totally disappear into the Lego store and buy All The Things™
  11. OCE Donation Challenge (Prize: Cantonese and Bahasa Teq)

    Heh... 20 vials of linseed oil donated, only need 10 more~!
  12. Scary or Adorable? Gendarran Grandma

    ...and here I was thinking the main reason I was nervous about her was that blank eyed, "I am going to slowly consume your soul with a straw" smile she has... I dunno, though. That smile tells me she is totally into her own definition of The Fun™.
  13. ...what's strange is I switched my PTT key (Ctrl) and the highlight usable objects key (shift) in the GW2 settings a loooooooooooooong time ago specifically for TS friendliness. I thought everyone did this?
  14. Necroprobie!!!

    The hazing is like the lag: We are born in the hazing, we are molded by it.
  15. Necroprobie!!!

    So wait... does that mean undead probie? Either way, congrats to Necro for becoming a probie again, and thanks for being willing to step into the fire once more~!

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