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  1. Shout out to you awesome people

    Yayy thanks :D I feel loved <3
  2. OCE Training Raid Success!

    Once people are back from winter break i'm sure there will be more and more raiding happening. Lots of people have the boss on farm now!
  3. [FEEDBACK WANTED] 10 Man Raids and TTS

    They are on the Calendar - they are Friday and Sunday nights (OCE Time) which is start times of 10AM server time. I believe the NA leaders are going to be starting training raids as its a great way to get competent raiders for progression!
  4. [FEEDBACK WANTED] 10 Man Raids and TTS

    Best thing is come to training raids, @Vinesta. At OCE we've been running 3 raids the last couple of weeks, if not more that start a little after the other groups go and start. I've found them to be a lot of fun and rewarding.
  5. OCE Training Raid Success!

    I'm looking forward to more training on Friday, I'm gonna try out my healer! (everyone prepare to wipe... a lot)
  6. Star Citizen - my second life

    Tequatl T-Shirt [TTS]
  7. OCE Training Raid Success!

    Congrats! Yeah it was an awesome night, another reason why TTS are just the best <3 I'll write our comp when I can sit down and remember it! Now for the next boss....
  8. OCE Training Raid Success!

    Big shout out and thanks to all the people who made the raids possible tonight. Certainly in my group everyone brought the right attitude to get our VG kill, and have fun while doing it. It was a great run, thanks all for coming! (The loot was kinda crappy....)
  9. Sabetha

    #impressed Well done guys <3
  10. The big problem is that everyone starts in Amber. So if you are a pvp player and your MMR is high(er), you have harder matches to get out of amber, so it will take you longer than a completely new player. Anet made a silly
  11. Yeah sorry I shouldn't keep replying briefly :P I'm not trying to say that Bungie did no wrong: they clearly did. Suing them was the right thing to do, and evidently they were in the wrong since they lost the suit. They shouldn't have been shitty to the composer. I just think that some of the commentary on the situation that was said by the guy making the video isn't very good, and in my opinion the video seems to want to rile people up into a witch hunt against Bungie / Activision. One of the comments that made me think this video wasn't well informed was that this video creator implies (in my opinion) the person on the board of a company doesn't do any work. The facts that the video describes, like the outcome of the suit and Bungie's actions, are definitely true, but I don't like this guys particular story telling of the situation. Just a personal opinion.
  12. @JacobbsYeah my first part was about GW2, sorry if I didn't make that clear. With the board thing: I'm pretty sure he could be asked to leave his position on the board, or step down via vote, if he isn't doing his job?
  13. There's nothing to say this was a falling out of people, is there? I think its fairly common in the game development industry for people to come and go, especially since a lot of it is project based work. From what I've read about online, it seems that Arenanet can be a tough company to work for, but no different than any other video game developer. I'm not sure I really believe this guy's interpretation too, he's not a lawyer, and even says "my mom's a lawyer". Obviously Bungee did something wrong, but being on the board of a company doesn't mean the composer is going to do "no work". IMO crappy video.
  14. PI!

    Don't worry, you can just move the 2 to the other side of the equals sign, and return to a whole pi!

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