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  1. The Commander Tag: A few questions for YOU!

    How do you feel about people with commander tags that are permanent (ie, they are not being granted as a "one time only" event) How many of us that are still active in the game still have our perm-commander tag icons? -being someone with one of these "notorious" tags, i don't feel too strongly about them. I would like to believe that I'm competent in doing wurm and teq. I haven't really had the chance to command since I would really prefer those who had not had the chance to do all that are able to do so or just the fact that leaders and probies are able to do their thing. What are some competencies, if any, that you expect a person with such a tag to have? Competencies? I'd think that this is somewhat of a grey area with the game shifting more towards HoT. As far as Teq and Wurm go, it might become less relevant. The only relevance they do have right now is to be able to lead a teq and wurm during LNO and Comm night - both of which have been getting temp commanders more often. I would suggest that if there was a judge of competency for these commanders there should a trial. I mean, we do kinda have one.. but I would think something more of like a leader test thing. (it makes the commander tag more "legit") As a member, what is your perception of the difference between a leader and a commander? There are a lot of leader responsibilities - if you're doing it right. Sorry guys but hang in there! (except those of you who have been slacking) I wouldn't find a commander any different than someone who can lead: 1)silverwastes or drytop train 2)dungeon night & fractal night (arguable because reasons) 3) WvW 4)Teq and Wurm of course. ...people that REALLY know their stuff in certain niches. How do you feel about the commander tag's current role within the TTS hierarchy? Currently doesn't serve much of a role since there are usually more than enough leaders to cover our world boss raid. If there is a shortage of people, they are the go-tos. They should be proficient in all aspects of leading whatever - teq, wurm, condi AND reflect. These are just my opinions. Feel free to comment, subscribe, follow, and like or hate.
  2. Guardian: Healing Tank

    I've always though of a guardian to be the main source of party utility and survivability. That being said, guardians can't be limited to using only a few sets of weapons or utilities. I keep 3 sets of armor on my guardian, this being a last resort for a party that has a hard time surviving after using all the blocks, reflects, and protection. Zerk with confidence especially if you whole heatedly trust in your parties abilities. Retreat to clerics if you really really have to... But don't ever ever solo, if you can, with a cleric set. (insert link to 3hour hotw guardian solo)
  3. Aetherpath Night - Aug 2nd 2AM UTC

    So, this isn't going to happen on a thursday anymore eh?
  4. Fun stuff to do at Wurmie =)

    I've done Amber vista and cobalt vista suicide team relay race TTS history trivia Wurm quiz Circle of life, All about that bass - singing featuring (unnamed) Disney song sing alongs Follow the commander with a bunch of people using husk tonics (1st 3 had gold prizes.. and cost some condi teams their corruption stacks ^_^)
  5. Personal story update/Arah Story mode will be soloable

    We need those Light Guardian Jack dungeon story solo vids.
  6. The Three Word Story!

    into hard-boiled eggs
  7. The Three Word Story!

    whatever it was
  8. The Three Word Story!

    Jeff came back
  9. The Three Word Story!

    with much cooties
  10. The Three Word Story!

    cheap flu vaccines
  11. The Three Word Story!

    fed more bunnies
  12. The Three Word Story!

    which immediately broke
  13. The Three Word Story!

    A can opener
  14. The Three Word Story!

    that broke very
  15. The Three Word Story!

    exploded into existence

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