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  1. The 2013 Club

    I see what you did there
  2. Greg

    Hey guys. I did it. Results did good. Kid did good.
  3. Irrello Ello - Stepping Down

    *Coughs loudly in the background*
  4. Huehuehuehuehue

  5. Drunken Teq

    *Greg-chievement unlocked: Become a responsible adult* . . . *Greg-chievement unlocked: Acquire Alcohol*
  6. Chocolate Baking Yum Yums

    Hi all! So someone I know who makes really really really good chocolate baked goods has finally gotten around to making a blog for her recipes. I figured that there might be some keen bakers here so have a look if you're interested. All of these recipes have the "hungry pack of schoolboys who are deprived of sugar" tick of approval! Amusez-vous bien! Link: https://hammonchocolate.wordpress.com/ <3 G
  7. [Event] TTS Community Meeting #3

    A bit late but I feel like TTS should discuss an incredibly serious topic: ~coup?
  8. Someone made this guy a probie....

  9. Heart of Thorns Notes

    Blog post is live: https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/meet-the-mist-champions/ #[email protected] #FYeah
  10. Nerfs incoming

    I had a 16 second archdiviner fight as soon as I entered Cliffside. I don't see the problem here. Side note: it does actually take some skill to pull off. I did a pug arah p1 with 5 guards and was only just faster than soloing o.0
  11. General Dungeon/Fractal Build and Group Composition Guide

    Re: elementalist. It's generally accepted that you run fire and air as specs. The third is a toss up between water and arcane. The reason this is in a bit of Flux is because in some cases, arcane is better while in other cases, water wins out. Arcane is generally better for very short fights ~7 seconds long. It's a lot more burst than water. Water, however, with the proper rotation hits harder in fights where you'll have time to do your entire dps rotation. Being stuck in water for more tham 1 second is a dps loss though. A way to avoid this is to cast meteor shower, switch to water as it starts casting, wait until it finishes, cast ice bow (4, 3) drop it, use staff water 2 (ice spike) and then switch to air or earth for a second before going back to fire.
  12. Triple Trouble: Reflect Team

    But bubbly condi skins!
  13. HoT Prepurchase is LIVE

    Pretry much. It's the fact that old players pay the same and get less. A bonus char slot if you used it on an existing acc would get rid of all the rage.
  14. HoT Prepurchase is LIVE

    Based on what's trending on the shredding, I'll withhold my money and wait for any new announcements. Pic relevant: http://imgur.com/prUkUxd I've never seen the player base this pissed off. Ever.
  15. HoT Prepurchase is LIVE

    Everyone on reddit is going mad at Anet because they feel ripped off. Someone coming in to HoT pays $x for a MASSIVE amount of content whilst an old player payed $y for the base game (most content) and then also has to pay $x for the expac (less content). I expect Anet to back flip in a few days honestly. It seems like a massive "f*ck you" to current players. Ps. The FAQ on the HoT website used to say you needed the base game. It has now been updated.... reaaaaaaally bad move by Anet there imo.

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