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  1. Hi All

    Don't worry, if you come to OCE I'll teach you the errors of your ways. :) Welcome to the guild! Fixed a typo for you, Nex.
  2. 100 Gold for FUN

    Is that one suspended in the air? Why do they all look like they are in the air to me?
  3. 100 Gold for FUN

  4. 100 Gold for FUN

    Is that suspended in the air?!
  5. 100 Gold for FUN

    Can I be the judge? I'm an expert on NoFun, so I just need to find the most non-not-fun thing and that would be the winner... **LOGIC**
  6. Guild Hall Decorations

    If you are in one of the OCE guilds (Tequatl Terror or Tickle), decorating is open for everyone! I think there may be some limitations, like don't go around deleting everyone else's stuff and don't make anything inappropriate...but yah, go make a masterpiece!
  7. TTS Suggestion Box

    I think I still have my spreadsheet linking TS accounts to forum accounts and listing off the icons they had. It would have to be updated, but at least a good portion of the work is done. :)
  8. RIP Rachel, Can I haz ur stuf?

    Pshhh, I'm not giving my stuff to anybody. I'm going to delete it all. It may take me a while, but I'm dedicated AND crazy! This update sounds like it may be worse than HoT... :(
  9. 2016 and the Year Ahead for TTS

    My light up colors have always been lighter versions of the little bubble thing. Like, right now it is orange to yellow and prior to the change it was blue to light blue...
  10. [COMPLETED] OCE: Cantonese Teq and Singing Byte Today!

    https://soundcloud.com/user-361121886/byte-singing-022716 I missed the first few seconds and there are a few pings from people messaging me in teamspeak. Sorry.... o_0
  11. OCE Community Meeting - March 12th

    We will be holding a community meeting on March 12th during normal raid times. Tickle's guild missions will still be run that day. We will be discussing topics such as our schedule, HoT events, future events and contests, guild missions, and the restructure. If you guys have any topics you would like to bring up feel free to let us know in the forums or at the meeting! For those of you who have never been to a community meeting before and are wondering what exactly is going to be happening - this is a conversation that is driven by you (the members) about how we can make TTS better. You can give us feedback about how we are doing, what we can do to improve your experience with TTS, and what direction you want to see us take in the future. Come join us!
  12. Multiboxing Guild Wars 2

    Ohhh, I need to play around with this! I will finally be able to harvest the council farm!
  13. Took a trip to Mall of America

    !!! </3
  14. The Division

    No no, I googled it. "Perfect Couch". That was the result I got. If you really don't like it, there is always this option:
  15. Took a trip to Mall of America

    This is a new goal in my life. I really want to ski indoors. I was googling more about it because this is actually really cool. At first glance it kinda seems like it is just going to be a couple of shallow slopes, but somehow they have a black diamond run in there! And the internet tells me they let penguins out!!!

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