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  1. just saying hello again

    Hello :)
  2. Star Wars: Episode VII

    Just :O https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMOVFvcNfvE Yes i'm a fan :D
  3. Searching for Translators

    If you give me time I can translate to Spanish, Portuguese and other language. Just PM me the official guide link and I'll work on it... need to have something to keep my mind busy...
  4. Holiday Raids Channel

    Community raids will happen one day per week like it was before :)
  5. Holiday Raids Channel

    Nexforce always looking at the best part of the vacation xD
  6. Lyssa Mai & Kysidian's Marriage

    Congratulations :D
  7. Freebies, Giveaways & SALES

    Thanks cyp :)
  8. TTS Dungeon Night

    I belive that the idea of the event is help people to complete dungeons to get the achievement... emphasis on HELP.
  9. Triple Headed Wurms

    Near the reflect training is another spawn :) also already saw the wurm near the TP. Thanks for the screenshot :)
  10. Yep, my questions are only mine as a member of this community not as a TTS leader, never thought that was any difference between other members opinions or my opinions. I just want to know :) Also Aybiel I'm not against the idea, I don't mind moving people around to make this happen is like do invites to a guild is not different, but before we do that we just want to gather some data, is just that. Sorry I didn't see your question before.
  11. Well Aybiel, without increase the rep requirements how you see this will be different? Again more demands. And all my question you just say that doesn't matter they matter to me, you just decide to go around and don't answer :)
  12. How much social this guild will be? You want the same rep requirements that we have now, so I only can see people been social during raids cuz at the end of the day people will only rep during raid times. Can you say that we will have more than 20 -25 people rep outside of raid times? Cuz that is the average number of people rep on the guilds I'm on right now. Some TTS guilds have more chat activity than others but that is something that people need to work on. The timezone change was intended for both reasons not only for the mechanism but to have more people on the same timezone interacting on our guilds, the intention was make people more social, give people the chance to be with other people playing on the same timezone. Till now I can read just demands over the "social guild" like: "I want this"... "should be like this". But I really don't see how this would be different because till now when asked you just avoid the bullet or just go around to the same points without even give a solution or show how this can really be different on what you already have. The contra - productive part is on your mind... the only thing TTS will ask to their members is rep during raids and be nice with other members.
  13. Is what I'm saying over and over again, it's what we have now... people just need to work on it.
  14. The teq squad is an NA timezone guild :)
  15. The name of this post is aggressive xD
  16. Spear if you read what people want, you wouldn't see much people online on the "social guild".
  17. What about: make the TTS guild you are in more social... ? XD The social guild idea is nice, but at the end of the day you are looking for something that you already have. All the social interaction happen on TS already, for people that don't want to talk you have the muted audio chat channel... call that one guild chat, problem solved xD.
  18. Name my Second Account!

    MoK (master of kodans) K4E (kodans for evah)
  19. GW2 Official forums: Forum Specialist program.

    Thanks for the info Jack :)
  20. Teamspeak Icon Feedback

    It's the way people see the icons not the way they work. That's what I'm trying to explain, thanks MoS :D
  21. What you guys think on having a Shoutbox on the forums? it works like a chat and have a lot of options, you can see who is online and using the shoutbox at that moment, also it have a whisper utility (for people that want secret chat xD) and also can be used to promote important post on the forums. :)
  22. NA Guild Missions Re-shuffle!

    Gw2 account, only the guild you belong and the info about the teq squad you mentioned is correct
  23. Text post content size

    Maybe disabling HTML for post and topics?

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