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  1. Easter Long Weekend OCE Meetup

    Don't forget to slay the First born son...now I think Merf has a brother so see who was born first.....
  2. Easter Long Weekend OCE Meetup

    Greg celebrating Easter? you gotta teach these guys the true meaning of Passover! #Jewproblems
  3. Welcome to 2015!

    Oh yea Merf are you the sole owner now/forever?
  4. Post your desktop!

    Thats an awesome rainmeter widget (the wvwvw)
  5. Hearthstone decks?

    Share any decks you feel are troll, awesome, annoying or just anything! With the new GvG cards, there are many new decks available. I personally like my "make the opponent fatigue themselves" druid deck. EDIT: http://imgur.com/RyOfKz8 The goal of this deck is to make your opponent draw cards while they have ten so it gets destroyed or making them fatigue. There are plenty of heals with Alex and ancient of lores. Another thing I might try out is putting a Nozdormu, so when it is their turn and they have 10 cards, it will be hard for them to play stuff. I need to tweak it a little and maybe replace frost ele's or one MC tech for mechanical yeti when I get it. It adds a spare part to their hand giving them yet another card.
  6. Hearthstone!

    Hmmm GvG is pretty awesome, kinda bummed that people already have so many legends lol. Oh well. Favorite card hmmmm I would say madder bomber cause that one is pretty cool.
  7. Awesome Hearthstone pack

    http://gyazo.com/691b1a4184dc5f2a394fedb60d088289 Pretty awesome pack for a 1-3 arena! (I suck at arena). Ironic how it is my first Illidan and I also got old murk eye legendary cause o the murloc warleader!
  8. Heroes of the Storm

    Doesnt show for me :(
  9. Heroes of the Storm

    I want a key so badly :(
  10. Cable sleeving

    I need to get one of those power supplies that you mentioned. I too have many extra wires.
  11. Cable sleeving

    Does anyone have any experience with cable sleeving? It seems awesome and looks really nice. I just don't know where to buy the sleeves so I could do it myself. I don't know the exact materials I need and do not know how to sew them together. If anyone has any answers please post! I want to sleeve them myself, because it is a lot cheaper. Any help is appreciated :).
  12. I got a liquid cooler similar to that. Pretty much only the brand name is different.
  13. I already have some extra fans so that wouldn't be a problem! Thanks!
  14. Despite what I have heard about liquid cooling and the hassle, I am looking into it. I think it looks awesome and can make my computer almost completely silent, so if anyone has any suggestions please share!

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