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  1. Freebies, Giveaways & SALES

    https://www.origin.com/en-us/store/buy/jade-empire-1/pc-download/base-game/special-edition Jade Empire (Free)
  2. Interest: NA 2 (Late Night) Revival

    I only worry about coverage for a time zone to exist you need at least six leaders for coverage. If you take them leaders from NA numbers of like 14 leaders you would have it however you would also be causing NA to also be around that low number which sometimes NA sees double to people then any other time zone. The major problem you couldn't have full coverage in NA or the newer time zone because as we know seen with EU time zone it's not always enough to run a full schedule threw the weekdays & weekend. Sometimes time doesn't always work for the people it tolls for and then it's time to march on.
  3. 64 Bit client for GW2 available

    Yes! This is something that really should been here when the game launched but better late then never.
  4. Rollback and missing items

    Please stop deleting post because you dislike what they say about you Ailarin you should know better.
  5. Should We Gear Check Raids?

    All content is still open however some require you to have AR however it doesn't always require you to have the full amount. There is a slight difference between the game forcing you to have something and the guild forcing you to have something. You are able to do a level 10-19 fractal with zero AR if you able to burst heal threw the agony checks after entering the last boss fight area. You say you enjoy doing content with everyone however you want to choose your own party? Well you can always run a raid at any time you like it doesn't need to be only on TTS raid day. I fully understand how you feel, however you got to remember how is it fair to exclude others for not running the "meta", "best skills", "best class" like I said there is a slight difference between what the game requires and what a guild requires. I know it's not always fun to carry people I do it tons of times on Team Fortress 2 and I'm sure people have carried me threw other games even a fractal once or twice when I was still learning a lot of it. You have to remember this is a game and while you or I don't want to waste our times carrying people you must remember there also a difference between people trying and not trying at all as long they put the effort into it I don't mind it. It may get you upset and a little ticked off at the time but in the end it will be fine. My Personal Opinion The game may require you to have something however a guild should never require you to have it if you can bypass what the game requires the guild shouldn't force it on you. I stepped down from leadership as I didn't like the way things from the leader side was going on. If the guild ever requires me to run a "meta", "skill set", "class" then I don't want to be apart of that guild anymore. The reason why I'm in [TTS] compared to other guilds as it doesn't have any of them requirements sure they are allowed to ask however they shouldn't be forcing you to run like they want or else there be no point of even playing the game because you wouldn't be playing it as your self and you might as well watch a YouTube video of someone else playing. If someone doesn't like how a guild handle things then simply find a guild that works for you. While yes their are such events as "speed runs" however because I could care less about who has the biggest ego of fastest kill I don't attend them and they aren't the main focus of the guild so I don't mind them having them.
  6. Well, there goes key farming

    I'm fine with it. I don't really key farm anyways because there nothing good inside the chest other then scraps. As for the chest they are still worthless the only reason they shot up is due to someone buying them and then flipping the price. I don't even get the point of having a key they should just sell the chest in gem shop unlocked.
  7. Freebies, Giveaways & SALES

    [DRM: Steam] [Price: Free] [Game: Amnesia: The Dark Descent ]
  8. Leader and TTS members derp page!

    TTS Staff -> Feedback Thread Making Feedback Thread without permission to talk into it. (Shall be fixed within time but funny as hell.)
  9. Updated Tequatl Strategy Guide

    I always believe a guide is always needed while not as many people will care when the content is simple they are still wonderful to have for people trying to be the best. I really do love the format of the guide. I only wish some way to break up the text with pictures however my self could never find any good pictures. I wanted at one time to do the skills and traits with images to make it seem less like a wall of text. I would also have the acknowledgements reflect the people who really worked on it. I really hate when people don't get credit for what they do. This all being said was an leader looking into updating the guide as well.
  10. Welcome Lord Erin the Wise as NA Probie!

    Congrats ;) I'm sure you'll do just fine.
  11. Freebies, Giveaways & SALES

    [DRM: Origin] [Price: Free] [Game: Zuma's Revenge ]
  12. Magic: the Gathering Free Online Tournament

    I'm trying to figure out how to play my Blue Eyes White Dragon and can't seem to get it correctly.
  13. Teamspeak Icons!

    Every icon has a reason behind it no icons are made for the reason of simply having a icon which doesn't have some kind of information behind it. So you'll see people with icons which show they have helped or did something within [TTS]. You'll never see an icon for simply making a leader laugh or something silly as that. There are a few types of icons ones which we give out for helping/donation aka toga & pink day others which are required for taking place in something and achieving a record time (Tequatl/Wurm) or place a ranking in such as a [TTS] SPVP or even just simply being at a unscheduled event. There is also the ones which we use to tell who is able to help us during raids such as the commander, condi or reflect which require you to maintain in order to keep. I agree with you no icons which achieved should be removed however the problem is sometimes things change such as the most recent wipe the speed timed wurm and tequatl icons which due to the recent major changes with the traits and skills it made it unfair for anyone to gain the icon while everything was broken as well made it unfair for people to keep an icon which they got while using the old methods of the skills & traits which was changed. They will be re-added once Anet has finished fleshing out the traits and skills a little more to have the fight more balanced. The condi, reflect, commander icon however will always be removed if the person is no longer apart of [TTS] or not willing to help out anymore which is what the icons are for. Added Note: As well when switching computers or reformatting please copy over your teamspeak identity as it can be slightly hard to confirm who should or shouldn't have what icons sometimes.
  14. Freebies, Giveaways & SALES

    Humble Bundle Borderlands + DLC (Pay +6 Dollars Extra Borderlands 2 + Character DLC & Creature Slaughterdome)

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