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  1. Forum Archive Imminent

    Is there a recommended/easy way to save a thread as a pdf or something of that nature?
  2. Destiny 2

    Hey Guys, Missing my EU peeps and everyone else, Was wondering if anyone will be playing Destiny 2 on PC? PM me for battlenet ID swap if so. Keep cutting tequatl off at the knees....if triple trouble has knees i think i would have nightmares. Quack
  3. Proposal for updated Teamspeak Icons

    Those spoons are worthy of coming out of lurking to praise, Nice Job!!!
  4. A Fond Farewell

    Raven you were integral to the continuity of EU and displayed unbound commitment and dedication establishing PAC into what it is. Stay Safe.
  5. ohhh shit, I told seyo id go for leader if u came back


  6. Leader and TTS members derp page!

    Raven I have departed the game and still read the patch notes
  7. Easter Long Weekend

    It does, but I plan to run unscheduled events all nights if possible.
  8. TTS Suggestion Box

    Rachel did expend a lot of energy on trying to implement something like this.
  9. Leader and TTS members derp page!

    Will dob myself as reading the timer wrong not forgetting even spawn.
  10. Multiboxing Guild Wars 2

    Removed my comment, it just took a super super long time for the program to find it compared to normal
  11. Suggestions

    Thanks guys, my head is like molasses right now with this head cold.
  12. Suggestions

    There was an introduction thread, I just can't seem to find it
  13. Council Farm Funny Mails

    MY COUNCIL FARM BRINGS ALL THE FUNS TO THE YARD! Do I accept the 7 copper or do I return the mail? The eternal question. For Science! Aren't we meant to eat before the scuffles? THE PROSE, THE ROMANCE, MY HEART BE STILL! Math doesn't add up....
  14. 2016 and the Year Ahead for TTS

    Orange is automatically assigned if using commander chat. Blue is the defult and when we were using different shard chats for commander chat was not over ridden. Presuming orange is to show who has commander chat enabled.
  15. 2016 and the Year Ahead for TTS

    An icon for previous community commanders that was immediately retired. Lowering of guild commitments to one but with the understanding your community presence must be excellent. Looking for feedback on these two compromises.

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