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  1. I...I can't....

    A few weeks back, a few of us joined said roommate once more, and (no joke) I bought the chips that sparked the whole thing to demonstrate how bad they where. She had some but not as many as last time. (I'm going to instruct him to correct the number to the appropriate 88.5)
  2. I...I can't....

    So my old roommate joined us for a few runs back when I was a leader and apparently loved my spiel for training as well as the memes. Fast forward a lot to today where he started making some characters in XCOM. Someone please send help. Aliens are scary unlike undead dragon minions
  3. How Did You Pick Your Name?

    13 year old me liked swords and was not very creative. Lucked out that the name was not taken in GW1 and carried it over to GW2. Amazing story, I know :D
  4. A Fond Farewell

    Best of luck bud. Realize that you're not alone in any capacity, even if at times it may seem like it. You have so many people pulling for you.
  5. Show Off Your Most Recent Purchase

    Unable to connect my phone at the moment to show picture, but the Radeon RX 480 is now installed in my computer \o/
  6. Guild Roster Consolidation

    If it is scheduled for a day and time that does not interfere with my RL work and there is not an emergency going on, yes you can. If you want precise times at the moment, I can't be up late at night EST as there's work in the morning (aprox 5 or 6 am server time. specific days earlier than that). That's in flux at times though so I was hesitant to even post that last part. I can understand being jaded about it, but you're also ignoring plenty of other times that the community has stepped up and helped. And if my reading in between the lines is right here, that jaded attitude about everyone maybe part of the problem as well. I see that as not trusting us to help, "so oh well let's not do it". Correct me if I'm wrong, please. The whole thing is a team effort. I'm sure the commanders want TTS to do well. I know you want TTS to do well. And I'm sure any vet/new members also want to TTS to do well. Everyone can contribute in some capacity. Rather than say "I've heard it a hundred times" and belittle someone wanting to help as just another let down in the making, possibly encourage, provide the resources, and push them to follow through? And just a note for my multi wurm example: it doesn't have to be the exact same scale wise. It could even be something as simple as calling a specific day, Recruit 1 friend (everyone try and bring someone new to the fight or TTS in general), Training day for the general community. If we do want to look at the same thing scale wise, we'll delve into that if we get that far in these discussions. This at least for guild wide whispers. LFG can also serve as a recruitment tool. Push that resource as hard as possible. Introduce new people to the fight and/or to TTS. I know it's used at points, but the emphasis is clearly on TTS guild roster. That's not inherently bad, but when most members do know the times and you're in need of new members, find ways to get the new members. Back to consolidating topic: If you all doubt that membership numbers will go up, and if you all doubt commander coverage to deal with admin tasks will improve (via more commanders, improved systems, whatever), further impeding on yall's ability to perform admin tasks, then I say consolidate. If you think either numbers or commander coverage will improve in any capacity without consolidating, then I'd say don't do it. IMO this is where I'm leaning, but it's also dependent on what is done to improve TTS's current status on top of this decision. Number of members is an important part of this discussion because it could also lead to an increased number of people interested in the commander role.
  7. Guild Roster Consolidation

    Further going on what Erik said, my biggest concern with TTS numbers has revolved around the negative connotation with the community. We can say "haters gonna hate" or "they're stuck with the mindset that we're evil" all we want, but not addressing those and letting it foster in others minds makes it worse. Consolidating the guilds is a reaction to dwindling numbers, not a solution to stop the numbers from dwindling. And making guild chat a little more active isn't a solution. I'm torn on the consolidating part, but even if we do so, it doesn't address the problem. To change that connotation, you need to full assault that idea that it's wrong. "TTS isn't Pug friendly" is a major one. Organize and publicize an event that counters that (Multi Wurm event). Like Erik said, Pink Day, Toga, events that give back to the overall community or even IRL are great recruitment tools because it's fun and catches the attention of others. Something you can publicize. Doing the above also begins to address the concern of commanders not being in it to raise TTS up. If the concern with all that becomes "that requires a lot of planning and overhead and management and people stepping up and..." then lets do it! If you came on the forums and said that we were going to do another multi Wurm Kill event like last year and the concern is there won't be enough commanders to help, I and I suspect others will assist however we can. Find ways to recruit and bring people in, and the community will assist alongside in every manner possible. That by extension fixes potential problems with coverage, issues with negative connotation, and the idea of just doing the same thing day in and day out (burn out). Summarized thoughts: Fix the dwindling numbers issue over all else. Consolidate if need be, but I would be much more concerned about the numbers overall. That will only continue if left unchecked. Then we'll be looking at consolidating even further down the road if we don't address it.
  8. Forum Update

    Oh I'm interested in this as well so unless it'd take too long to type out, I'd like to hear actually xD no worries otherwise. Gonna try a couple things on my end tomorrow and see what happens.
  9. Forum Update

    Sorry ment that the text wrapping wasn't an issue when I could see it. Lumia 640 XL. Still using IE. Just loaded it back up, forgot this was another issue I was seeing: forum sections are incredibly slow at loading. Can see down to GW2 Taco stand - general chat, but then cuts off. A few minutes on the page and the rest loads in at once. .... 5 min after refreshing still loading it all. Seems the issue with none of it being clickable is based around loading in. .... Tried other browsers, they were garbage and locked up xD
  10. Forum Update

    Was trying to login on mobile to say mobile chat box was viewable, but then noticed I couldn't actually click on anything. Not the News section, status posts, login drop down menu, nothing. On Windows 8 Phone at the moment if that means anything.
  11. Out of order but got Sabetha now as well :D

  12. Finally got my first VG kill \o/

  13. The 2013 Club

    Or via the forums https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/archive/tequatl/Tequatl-Terror-Squad-JOIN-NOW-BEAT-TEQUATL/page/2#post2887893 Just throwing out there, in this club as well :) *Edit*@Light Guardian Jack's post xD I think I noticed a few other account names in that post
  14. Ooze Buddy Lives!

  15. State of the game 2016 update: Shatterer revamp incoming

    Knew they would keep it inline with the zone level, but had hopped it would have been at least slightly harder than my expectations....

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