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  1. Hi

    Lol iseeyou
  2. Hi

    Not sure why it uploaded in such bad quality either but ohwell >.>
  3. Hi

    Haven't posted here in.. 3 months? Not sure. Bored so I figured I'd check in. How is everything going? If anyone's curious about what I've been up to, here's what I do now. Messy video yeah. Was put together quickly because it was just clips from one raid night.
  4. Post your desktop!

  5. So its summer?

    Give me warms pl0x. I hate coldz.
  6. Hey Ailarin . . .

    Ew a Foefire's Essence
  7. My Achievement

    Lol, that's fine. I know lots of people still in that range.
  8. Computer Failage

    Oh, but it does. It deserves to die.
  9. So this is why you are always so bad with your PTT key.
  10. My Achievement

    No, clearly, I am the best.
  11. My Achievement

    I think not. Good try though babe.
  12. Computer Failage

    Seems reasonable. As long as you can load the map, I vote you as best commander NA.
  13. My Achievement

    Reported for holding back classified information. JK
  14. My Achievement

    That is badness, not proness, Sir.
  15. My Achievement

    Proof of proness pl0x.

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