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  1. Hidden trophies in Terror

    I have hidden 3 Season 4: Bronze Guild Challenger Trophies around the Terror guild hall. They aren't in anywhere tricky, like hiding in somebody's decorations, just standard guild hall terrain. I also don't have anything worthwhile to give if you do find them, but if you want kudos, then when you find them, you'll get some!
  2. One Path Ends Deadpool

    I'm calling it here, Braham's gonna be a dumbass and do some stupid shit (as usual) and he's probably gonna try and kill Aurene for some retarded sense of good. Whether he succeeds or not, I dunno. But if he does, I think it's because I want a good excuse to murderise him. I'll be angry if we don't get to if he pulls it off. Bonus points if we murderise him before he gets to take down Aurene. If not this, I'm totally calling Marjory being deadified. We should set up a deadpool on who's path ends. (Actually the player character because the last boss is rly hard and you'll die over and over)
  3. How to win at Winter Wonderland

    If I'm jumping directly after the first snowball, I can't make it to the corner in time to bypass the second snowball. It's probably due to the 2-300 ping and it being inconsistent. I know it's possible to straight up dodge through the snowballs, but it's pretty precise and if your ping is exceeding 100, pretty much relies on luck as the visual snowball position doesn't necessarily convey where exactly it is on the server. You'd most of the time be dodging into the snowballs path or too late.
  4. How do I deal with all this loot
  5. TT Condi Guide (Ddo edition) UPDATED: 12/22/2016

    I use a rev for condi, it works pretty well. Focused on all sinister armour, weapons and trinkets. I have crits triggering torment and poison triggering off torment. Mace/Axe for torment 1 spam, Mace 2 is a good burn and fire field for Mace 3 blast. Axe 5 is more torment and helps to break the bar. Offhand, I use a staff, which I open with 5 for instant break, then switch to Mace/Axe to stack on that torment, poison and burning before it starts moving around again. I'm sure it may not be the most optimised, but considering you guys don't have a Rev guide, maybe this is something to work off.
  6. [Raids] Tempest Guide

    I was mostly set up for this to begin with, so it was super easy to switch things around. Can't wait to jump into a raid and try it out, though.
  7. How do I make a forums account?

  8. How do I make a forums account?

    Are you sure? I think you're trying to trick me.
  9. So after joining TTS finally, I had to ask in guild chat how to join and over TS I had to ask how to get into the TTS teamspeak, I'm still confused on how to make a forums account here. Anybody have any ideas?
  10. Triple Trouble: Condi Team

    On the Triple Triple Trouble run today, I got on with my Revenant, completely fresh and no real idea on what I was doing for condi. I have Verata armour and Sinister weapons/jewels, Mace/Axe in main hand for the torment spam and Sword/Axe offhand to help out with CC. Traits are Retribution: 2 - 2 - 3 Corruption: 3 - 3 - 2 Devastation: 2 - 3 - 1 I ran mostly with Demon Stance. Banish Enchantment is fantastic for spamming stacks of confusion super quick. Unyielding Anguish helps out with more torment and CC as does Embrace the Darkness. Other than criticism/feedback on improving a Revenant build for condi, would this be the appropriate place to discuss what we should be doing about break bars?
  11. Welp, I need to update this now that everything's just changed. Awesome.

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