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  1. Fractal Night Group Guides (WIP)

    Tier 1- 1-25 17 AR Tier 2- 26-50 61 AR Tier 3- 51-75 106 AR Tier 4- 76-100 150 AR Scale/AR Req Urban Battleground- T1: 1, T2: 31/27, T3: 57/74, T4: 78/111 Swampland- T1: 2, T2: 32/29, T3: 56/72, T4: 77/109 Aquatic- T1: 3, T2: 26/18, T3: 61/81, T4: 76/107 Uncategorized- T1: 4, T2: 36/36, T3: 62/83, T4: 79/113 Snowblind- T1: 5, T2: 27/20, T3: 51/63, T4: 86/125 Volcanic- T1: 6, T2: 28/22, T3: 52/65, T4: 87/127 Cliffside- T1: 7, T2: 33/31, T3: 59/77, T4: 82/118 Underground Facility- T1: 8, T2: 29/24, T3: 53/67, T4: 81/116 Molten Furnace- T1: 9, T2: 39/42, T3: 58/75, T4: 83/120 Molten Boss- T1: 10, T2: 40/43, T3: 70/97, T4: 90/132 Aetherblade- T1: 14, T2: 49/59, T3: 54/68, T4: 88/129 Thauma- T1: 15, T2: 34/33, T3: 55/70, T4: 84/122 Solid Ocean- T1: 20/8, T2: 30/26, T3: 60/79, T4: 80/115 Mai Trin- T1: 25/17, T2: 50/61, T3: 75/106, T4: 100/150 Groups will be coordinated by Agony Resistance. forming from the lowest to the highest. Members with AR NOT high enough to meet the requirements for the highest scale Daily Fractal (from the chart above), will be grouped with those a tier lower. *Chart is lowest possible scale fractal within each tier, group consensus if groups want to do a higher scale within the tier instead
  2. Leader and TTS members derp page!

    "I'm getting valkyrie a quash pluggan for christmas." -FailMaster in TS 2015
  3. Leveling up in the Silverwastes

    And incredibly amusing in teamspeak to hear the high-pitched "OH MY GOD GET THE WOLF AWAY FROM ME"
  4. Discussion : Guild Restructure

    Even if they have guild alliances added, it might be worth condensing the number of guilds that actively playing members are in.
  5. The condition of the condi training.

    With this, I think it helps better to be done within the parties themselves, and asking firmly enough that it's obvious you expect a yes or no answer. Usually it's a two-fold question (and I always ask if it's someone unfamiliar)- "<newperson'sname>, are you new to condi in general or to <insertwurm> condi specifically?" If it's no to both, proceed with finishing up wurm specific stuff. If it's yes to just that particular wurm, finish up the wurm specific stuff and explain why it's done/used. If it's yes to condi entirely, then you're in for the longhaul explaining. The reason that's what I ask is because new people are usually more open to responding in party chat that they're new because it's less likely to be perceived as asking if they're new "so we have someone to blame." And helps to make sure they didnt wander off and go afk immediately after joining your party and miss everything you went over.
  6. The condition of the condi training.

    Obviously different timezones run things differently, as well as the numbers of new people are different. However, it does not discount that what I've said remains true of NA's cobalt map (which I should have mentioned was my viewpoint). Without exception, cobalt needs 3 people experienced enough to handle pulls or otherwise permanently hold a husk. You've not been to any of the wurms I've been at where such things have clearly not happened. The most recent of which had 3 new people at cobalt, 1 new on north, and the other 2 on mid/south with someone experienced. Without fail, mid/south would always fail to pull one of the husks. All 3 new people, for one reason or another, were also poorly geared and traited for condi as well. It was so bad at one point I had to start helping the condi team when I was on my engi, just as 3 more husks showed up. Two sets of husks out. There were others in the zerg helping as well. In the end it was a successful run, but if the condi team had been better prepared one way or another, it would never have gotten to that point.
  7. Teamspeak Commanders suggestion

    As for why not be a leader, frankly same reasons as it's always been. I wont subject myself to something that will, for me, become more stressful than I wanted it to be. Previously, I also had to deal with classes, and currently I'm working again, and I plan on trying to start up classes again, so time to devote to leadership would be nearly absent. That's the one thing I enjoyed about being a commander*. I could step up and lead when I wanted, or was asked to, without much in the way of trouble if I had to say, "sorry, I cant right now." As for being a commander, however, it is no different than being a run of the mill member right now, except for your name being sorted under the leaders. Essentially the suggestion is basically asking for commanders to be afforded some trust in being able to use these privileges responsibly. If you cant trust them with the privileges, why do you trust them to be a commander? In all honesty, if the leadership is that fearful of the results of a bit of trust, then perhaps the community would be better served with the removal of commander icons on teamspeak. I understand the reasons behind being against giving full trust, afterall, I was there when that 'child' (for lack of a better, if not nicer, word) decided to shit on teamspeak. As for finding a leader that's on, yes, it's an alternative, but there have been times where there are no visible leaders on teamspeak, and without having added them all to the teamspeak's friendlist, no way of knowing if any are actually on and hiding in certain channels. Alternatively, they could be on and say they wont create the channel, because then they'd need to babysit the channel, which they dont want to do. That's also happened before. Regarding the potential of things getting out of hand, there isnt much to be done one way or the other on that. It's an inevitability, even if leaders were present. Additionally, I dont believe such events being viewed as a true TTS event is such a bad thing, as long as such standards are upheld (and made clear to the commanders when they're made such). Primarily because that publicity can help TTS grow. That publicity is also aided by teamspeak. Sure it's not required for temples, no more than it is for teq or wurm. It's a far easier method of pointing out, "hey, we dont just do wurm, teq, and karka, look down there, we've got 50-100 people running dungeons! Join TTS, and there's even more events available!" For the most part, it's a chicken/egg scenario, but it's better to have the coop around when either one (or both) show up. *Not currently a commander nor any desire to be one until my work schedule sorts itself out into some semblance of order.
  8. Teamspeak Commanders suggestion

    I certainly understand that viewpoint, as I tend to be on teamspeak in the hours before and after NA raids, and the speed with which ts dies off is frightening. If we had more things going on to draw players, there'd be more on teamspeak, and (as is my hope) eventually there would be a need for something like this (sorta like boss blitz before that shit soured). Allowing it to be delegated to the respective commanders (instead of always demanding a leader be around, or at least visible) now before it is something absolutely required can certainly help iron out any potential flaws due to planning ahead of time, as opposed to something being rushed out the door. Though... what about allowing the commanders to edit the name of the channels as a sort of test run? IE if I'm running temples, it'd help to let people know what temple I'm currently at, so I'd be able to change the channel name to "Temple Runs-Balthazar IP xyz" or something. Similarly with the world boss and silverwastes channels. Had more to type, but... *flees to catch the bus*
  9. Teamspeak Commanders suggestion

    I think a lot of it stems from the over-reliance on leaders being present in teamspeak to get these things going, whether from a technical or trust standpoint (it is and was both of these in the past). I know it was a big part for me several months ago where I'd want to try and get temple runs started, but the complete and utter lack of visible leaders on teamspeak meant I had 3 choices: organize it in a party channel and risk being punished for it, organize it via map chat spam, or give up on the attempt. Basically every time the only choice I made was to give up on it. Additionally, currently the channels only offer up running these events mashed up in the same channel for such an event. With silverwastes for example, what if you've got someone running a maphop farm, and someone wants to start up a farm that stays on a single map the entire time? Currently they're forced into the same channel unless a leader is present to create subchannels. Same thing with temples as well as EoTM. These areas, while they can be done in the same channel, sometimes it can cause confusion. Another thing as well, is it would allow the commanders, specifically for general events, to make their channel ahead of time that says "hey, at such and such time, i'm organizing <inserteventhere>" and have that channel present for all to see. This would help draw some of the ionlydokarkateqwurmthenquitteamspeak people and keep them around longer. If those people happen to be non-members, the knowledge that there's more than just the scheduled world bosses could act as an incentive to get them to join tts. The other side as well, is that something like this could help Tuesdays develop from "community night" to a much more widespread and active "community day" where we've got teq, wurm, and other things being started and lead by members. Also, it would solve the hassle of bothering leaders to change channels back to the voice codec when they forget it was on the music codec, like the EoTM, shovelfarm, and world boss channels are, if the commanders are able to create the subchannels. Either way, and I dont like saying this, but the suggestion really needs to be an "all of the above" package. If done, the commanders need to be able to not just create, but also 1) modify created subchannels and users within (ie create temporary channels, when done, lock and kick everyone out and then leave it to delete) or 2) modify and delete subchannels (instead of locking, kicking, server deletion). Otherwise it'd really be no different than the situation now as the idea is to try and reduce the heavy reliance on leaders for everything in teamspeak.
  10. Alright, I know I've suggested this to a couple leaders before, and again recently to Ailarin in light of changes coming to the teamspeak. Basically, I would like commanders to be able to create, and modify or delete said created channels, within the Teq, THW, and General Events Lobbies. Given concerns of leadership and maintaining order, I'm willing to concede that a spur of the moment teq and thw led only by commanders may not be the best of situations and will require more oversight. However, spontaneous silverwastes, temples, or other events are rarely an issue of behavior, and more often of "no leader to get it started, so why bother." By allowing commanders to create and manage channels in their respective lobbies, it will become far easier to provide such events to members, and would allow tts to pull in non-members more often in the hopes of getting them to join us on a more permanent basis. Of course, with the technical challenges involved, a teamspeak bot would allow it to be done without allowing much abuse. IE, if I wanted to start a temple run, I could poke/whisper the server bot 'create "Awesome Lootfests in Orr" under General Events' and the bot would create the channel. Additionally, I could lock, modify, or delete the channel via the bot. This would also prevent abuse between commanders as well. If someone else makes a channel via the bot, I would be able to come on and delete the channel for whatever reason. It would simply be a rejected command. Of course, leaders would be able to directly manipulate the channel as well. Probably had more, but cant think of it just yet. Also, no idea if this is in the wrong area or not.
  11. Discussion : Guild Restructure

    A good solution would be to, after relevant inactive purging and whatnot; collapse existing members into the smallest number of guilds possible (X completely full [or capped at 400 to allow growth], 1 partially filled) Designate 3 now cleaned out guilds (or just 1 for NA) as each TZ's respective social guild inform members that there's a form on our site (sure ailarin, HAVE SOME MORE WORK :D ) they can use to request a transfer to the social guild add to the "i want to apply" page the option to be invited to the social guild or raid guilds (raid guilds by default) less a rep policy and more an attendance sort of request, if you've been inactive for more than 2-3 weeks in the social guild, you get bumped to the raiding guilds, allowing the social guild to be available for people to move into. GMOTDs can say "if you have questions, join us on teamspeak" at the top (who reads the bottom anyways?) as that's where most people socialize anyways. This way, you can combine all 3 options. You've condensed the guilds, assigned social guild(s), and have a flexible method of getting members into the social guild(s).
  12. The condition of the condi training.

    Honestly, the number of classes you run as condi arent as much of an issue as long as you've got notes on said classes, or if there's someone there with such experience. At worst your team leads, or someone that's a regular, will be able to give information. All that said, the one thing I'd like see done is if there's absolutely no one new at condi (and this can apply to reflect as well), accelerate the setup. Split pulls, compensate as needed, split the remainder, get more if needed, send extras back to zerg splits, pass off to team leads. Bam, done in maybe 5 minutes. Alternatively, use the accelerated setup, then let the team leads manage the new people in their teams. Would potentially speed up setup because then you've got 3 or more people doing the new person training. Though, overall, it would rely on new people stepping up and admitting they're new.
  13. Looking for a Good Headset

    http://www.bestbuy.com/site/razer-kraken-pro-over-the-ear-gaming-headset-neon-purple-black/2046528.p?id=1219524352135&skuId=2046528 Purple, only $100, sadly wired. From what I've been able to find so far, it's usually the cheapo "what you pay for" headsets available in the more cutesy styles. Not easy finding something that's high quality, functional, and.... cute.
  14. Upcoming balance changes

    The trait was also recommended because of the toughness it provided, extra survivability. But with the new cooldowns, we could potentially do wurm reflect simply with shield guardians, with WoR only necessary for a solo reflect. As for the engi changes, the loss of 2 seconds of bleed on the grenade kit isnt much of a nerf, if one at all. Unless traited for condi, it's just a minor loss of damage. The mesmer changes however, holy shit that's awesome. Of course, not as awesome as the changes giving mesmers an AA torment skill.
  15. How can a make a web site link to join my TeamSpeak server? You can add a link to your server on any web page using the following HTML code If your hostname is lithium.typefrag.com you would replace #HOSTNAME# in the above code with lithium.typefrag.com If your port number is 12345 you would replace the #PORTNUMBER# with 12345 Just a snip from a FAQ about teamspeak to make it easy to connect to the server. Expand/remove homepage header to that of a similar function like the forum uses. marquee-type banner that displays the next 3 events scheduled and the "time until," otherwise the google calender integration should be used in a collapsible/extendable frame to avoid taking up page width. with homepage announcements, display the last 5 (or fewer) announcements to reduce page length (currently goes all the way back to the halloween event announcement) others when i'm not supposed to be sleeping to be awake for work

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