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  1. Forum Archive Imminent

    the most activity on forums in months. RIP
  2. Br Issy (morphearown) Khaleesi Ice (Shinta)
  3. The Teq Squad Guild Missions

    The Teq Squad Guild Mission time change. It will now start at 6:00PM UTC starting on March 11th, 2018. For those that live in North America and does Daylight Saving, your local time doesn't change. It will still be 2:00pm EDT1:00pm CDT12:00pm MDT11:00am PDT
  4. TTS Legendary Raffle version 2.0

    if they want to I guess.
  5. TTS Legendary Raffle Another year, another big raffle by TTS. But this time, it will be different from the previous one. There will be 3 prizes to be won. The Flameseeker Prophecies (Value of 1900g) Weapon Skin Package. (Tormented Shield Skin, DayDreamer's Shield, Dagger, Hammer and Short Bow, Abaddon Sword Value of 474g) Home Instance Nodes (Orrian Truffle and Omnomberry Harvesting Node Value of 330g) How to enter: Each entry is 2g and there’s unlimited entries. In game mail Nexforce.1654 or Nexforce.9305 with your account name (name.1234) Any entries without or incorrect account name will be counted as a donation, and not be part of the entry. Prizes: As mentioned above, there are 3 different prizes. There will be 3 winners. Once you win a prize, you can't win another one. Of course the drawing will be done live, and it will be transparent to anyone interested. So the more entries you enter, the more chances of winning getting the first place prize. Deadline: The raffle will run for 4 weeks. Start date will be from Feb 16th until March 10th 4AM UTC (After March 9th, Friday NA raids). List of entries: http://goo.gl/NXxS6H
  6. PoF Expansion Plans and Schedule

    As per usual, The Teq Squad will still do guild mission, and also for those interested in the new guild hall, Windswept Haven, the teq squad will claim it on September 24 @ 6pm UTC. (2pm Eastern, 11am Pacific) for those who want to participate. You don't need to be in the guild, but you must be in squad
  7. [AMA] Asian commander

  8. I Need a New Name

    Spic Cat
  9. New NA/PAC static group

    I can send invites to the TTS raid slack. I just need an e-mail. PM me via forums.
  10. I would strongly suggest you guys take more screenshots. Hint hint
  11. TTS Now Sells Raids!

    does that include the collection items? The rate for Wing 4 might be different. Especially for Cairn and Deimos
  12. Living Story Achievements/ PvE Achievements

    which achievements do you have in mind?
  13. From July 2nd till July 5th UTC (July 1st till July 4th NA), all NA/PAC events will be unscheduled. Enjoy your weekend, and don't destroy stuff please.
  14. TTS Now Sells Raids!

    Wait what? We sell fractal dailies?
  15. Are you good at hiding? (OCE Contests)

    How long is the game? What constitute as being "found"?

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