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  1. PoF Expansion Plans and Schedule

    As per usual, The Teq Squad will still do guild mission, and also for those interested in the new guild hall, Windswept Haven, the teq squad will claim it on September 24 @ 6pm UTC. (2pm Eastern, 11am Pacific) for those who want to participate. You don't need to be in the guild, but you must be in squad
  2. [AMA] Asian commander

  3. I Need a New Name

    Spic Cat
  4. New NA/PAC static group

    I can send invites to the TTS raid slack. I just need an e-mail. PM me via forums.
  5. I would strongly suggest you guys take more screenshots. Hint hint
  6. TTS Now Sells Raids!

    does that include the collection items? The rate for Wing 4 might be different. Especially for Cairn and Deimos
  7. Living Story Achievements/ PvE Achievements

    which achievements do you have in mind?
  8. From July 2nd till July 5th UTC (July 1st till July 4th NA), all NA/PAC events will be unscheduled. Enjoy your weekend, and don't destroy stuff please.
  9. TTS Now Sells Raids!

    Wait what? We sell fractal dailies?
  10. Are you good at hiding? (OCE Contests)

    How long is the game? What constitute as being "found"?
  11. TTS Raffle

    The Winners of the TTS raffle. Thank you all for participating, See you next year. threepwood.6549 mypinkbunny.4513 imry.3642 wigglesworth.2751 Ravens King.5023 Mina.2409
  12. Proposal for updated Teamspeak Icons

    No one will get the spoon, NO ONE!
  13. Proposal for updated Teamspeak Icons

    @Merforga reset all the icons, and get new ones!
  14. Speed Run Records! (The Diamond Icon)

    With all the new balance patches, here's our most recent Tequatl kill with 12:11 left on the clock.

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