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  1. Speed run records

    *cough Diamond cough*
  2. Hearthstone!

    Made my own for first wing, netdecked some stuff for 2nd wing. 2nd wing was A LOT harder than first one.
  3. TTS News Radio Podcast 04/05/2015

    That song at the end...... O.O my god that was beautiful. Request high quality studio recorded version pl0x.
  4. Hearthstone!

    Necro'd threads are best threads :D I still play all the time. Battletag is still the same as first post. (iPenguin#1364) Hit me up sometime if you want to play/talk decks/etc. Right now I've stayed on top of the new Blackrock Mountain adventure and have cleared the first 2 wings.
  5. trade your gold for watchwork mining pick

    You should edit the post title to say "Watchwork Mining Pick" as a watchwork mechanism is just a thing made from 2 stacks of sprockets.
  6. TTS Community Meeting #2

    Topic to consider: Greg.
  7. That damn waypoint in LA

    If you want to take a 5 hour Charrcopter ride from Black Citadel to Lion's Arch, be my guest. I am quite fine with my 3 second walk through an Asura Gate.
  8. That damn waypoint in LA

    It is a piece of Asuran technology. If it was built once, it can be built again. See my previous tirade why it isn't.
  9. Guild chat broken - quick fix

    No need to log out actually. Simpy setting to invisible, then right back to online worked for me.
  10. Wurm Bugs! \o/

    Wurm equipped a Juggernaut. http://gfycat.com/CalculatingCelebratedAmericanblackvulture
  11. That damn waypoint in LA

    You know, ArenaNet's not the people you should be talking to. You really should be lodging your complaints towards the Asura, the ones who manage the waypoint network (seeing as they created the dang thing). Your best bet would be to speak with the Arcane Council as to why they haven't done anything about the situation. This is also a terrible idea because......they're the Arcane Council. They will most likely not give you the time to speak with them seeing as they are either way too busy or have far more better things to do than listen to a little bookah. Then again, they may listen for a minute and then politely sweep your request underneath a rug. OR maybe even perhaps they can't do anything because since the waypoint in question is in Lion's Arch, that it is then up to Ellen Kiel and the Captain's Council to get the ball rolling on figuring out how to clean up the city despite having what feels like an eternity to deal with it. (Oddly enough though, maybe the Captain's Council actually needs to sell enough "Eternitys" to raise the funds) Of course maybe the real reason is because of some long-winded, back-and-forth banter involving too many groups for some reason that nobody really knows why they got involved in the first place. TL;DR - Because...politics.
  12. Post your desktop!

    This is why people have already done the hard part for you. All you have to do is push the button to make it work and make sure it doesn't screw up. Basically, most of the things you see are premade and precoded, just download and go.
  13. RachelFraction Points

    I smell a TS icon in the works.
  14. Post your desktop!

    CoreTemp, Google Notifications, and f.lux I recognize.
  15. PVP Class Tactics

    TL;DW - Sodapoppin, "I have no idea what I am doing." I really hate that guy. His attitude toward this game and his followers are gonna make new players completely turned off.

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