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  1. [Event] TTS Community Meeting #3

    Just want you to understand, we aren't writing it off, but it has been raised several times. So if it is something ya'll (the community) would like to see, put those thinking caps on and try come up with a clever solution :)
  2. The Three Word Story!

    After this Merf,

    Not sure Revenant will be developed enough to make that call yet
  4. Speed run records

    will post 2nd attempt decap after dungeon night showing correct time edit:
  5. Gold Transfer Nerf

    That will indeed make raffles difficult, but not impossible. It might just mean that we use 2 leaders (or three) depending on how much gold we get. If the mail is in our inbox and we hit the cap we can start returning to sender and have another leader be the recipient. Just spitballing here, but we should be work around this.
  6. Diablo III!

    D3 and Expansion are both 50% off till the 30th https://us.battle.net/shop/en/product/game/diablo
  7. Silverwaste Sunday (NA Raids) Suggestions

    I was actually of thinking about doing that one of these nights, just starting at the first chapter and running through the stories one week. Then doing achievement runs the next. Won't happen today nor next week, but maybe the second week of April? I'll keep you posted on this one because I know there are people interested in getting those achievements completed.
  8. Council Home Instance!

    We have the quartz node added :)
  9. Tomes of Knowledge & Revenant

    From what I remember seeing/reading at one point we'll be able to get mastery points for leveling past 80. I IMAGINE there will be a cap on the number of mastery points gained that way, but I don't see ANET saying no to tomes on the Revenant. I really see them letting it go so that you have to decide if you want that quick 80 revenant or more mastery levels (for lack of a better term). Again this is speculation based on what we've seen so far and we just need to remember a couple things. 1) The expansion is still in development. Yes the stress test is coming and yes we'll be getting some betas and what not. But the simple fact is they're still working on it. 2) The expansion is still a good ways away. They have promised us 1 week per specialty and 1 week on the Revenant. That is a solid 10 weeks promised of information about the expansion before we even get it. IE That's 2.5 months promised time that we won't have it, and they could very easily put in a week on guild halls, on various masteries, on the stronghold fights and on and on it can go. 3) ANET despite some of its short comings is staffed with gamers. They understand some of the things that we want and I really don't seem them restricting us to a slow leveling progression for the new profession. Some will want to do the quick level 80. Others will want to take their time and slowly level and learn the class. I really see ANET being okay with both. It's not like having instant 80's on Revenant is going to break the game. So yeah, just remember that a lot of stuff is in development and if someone says something upsetting, make them link an article before you get too worked up about it. It is after all, just a game :)
  10. Wurm Bugs! \o/

    Wurm should be fixed now, or at least the harpoons and textures :)
  11. Removal of WvW as a world exploration requirement in HoT

    Well I must say I'm glad they are making this change :)
  12. RachelFraction Points

    Confirmed NA has most fun :)
  13. Bug on Front Page

    This bug is known and we are trying to work on it. Please bear with, because we're still sorting it out. We only have this on the mobile and Chrome, not on firefox or IE which is very odd. Will let you know when it is fixed. @OP we did fix that image issue
  14. The Three Word Story!

    blazing forges of
  15. TTS PvP Tournament!

    Yes :)

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