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  1. *burp*
  2. Ehhhhhhh
  3. -200 + 1 = -199
  4. I came in to see who was keeping my joke alive only to see it's peanut lol
  5. A Fortis is a hidden forum member who has more posts than any current commander with possible exceptions being Nexforce.
  6. Why are you all looking at me like I'm some kind of forgotten legend.
  7. If you ever need someone to talk to you know where to find me.
  8. I know a friend who knows a friend who can put you in touch with the man you're looking for In Nox
  9. gg RIP EU
  10. And that's one satisfied customer! :3
  11. someone SO graciously helped them, just realised I was making trophies for the guild I was initially slotted into when I joined TTS lol.
  12. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Journeyman's_Finishing_Kit
  13. I read em while patching. Not like you're playing, might as well burn the time on something related to the game. LOL
  14. So yeah, if provided the kits I'm more than happy to help out with making the trophies, you can send me an in game mail to arrange the timing if you're interested. I just need the kits, a temp invite and decorator perms for the time I make the trophies. Understandably the kits are account bound, I personally don't mind contributing some of the cheaper materials like the wood and metals and linen needed to make the rest of the mats, I'm mainly gated behind slivers (burned my entire stock making resonating cores to level up) piles of coarse sand (need 10 per kit) vials of linseed oil, and the pigments needed to make the ink (down to 3 from the original 10 so it's actually a lot cheaper now). Bronze trophies need 5 or 10 of the related boss mat + 1 journeyman kit Silver needs 10 bronze trophies + 1 master kit Gold needs 5 silver trophies + 1 grandmaster kit
  15. Note that I already footed the 500+g to get to scribing myself, i still require the kits to make the trophies themselves.