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  1. Oooo I like! Can you provide me a zip of them in 128 x 128?
  2. Hi, all! Due to resourcing issues and a bit more focus on static groups, OCE normal and advanced training raids will now be combined into one on Sundays! This means the Friday session will no longer be running. We apologise for the inconvenience and hopefully, we'll be able to see you at Sunday Super Training Raids \o/
  3. Oh look another update is out.. =D
  4. Greetings friends! With the introduction of SAB followed closely by the Easter holidays, we will be taking a two week break starting from release of SAB (Thursday 30 March 4pm UTC) to Monday 17 April 11:59pm UTC. Events may still run unscheduled throughout the week so keep your ears peeled on guild chat...if that make sense, or just hang out on teamspeak and listen to storm Wizard shenanigans. For Guild Missions, please contact your Guild Missions master to see if they will be run during this time. As always, the calendar will be kept updated if events are planned during this break. Happy jumping, happy raging and happy holidays. Stay safe and I'll see you on the flip side. /me rummages around for that infinite continue coin.. -Merf
  5. 10/10 best Probie pic so far
  6. What if I have a character that sexually identifies as a female?
  7. Greetings everyone! It's been a while since a last major announcement. OCE has typically only operated with a singular Commander Officer. However, due to recent growth, in both members and number of Commanders, it has become evident that a second CO would be beneficial to ensure sustainability with the growth of this time zone. As such, it is my pleasure to introduce @Meggly into the new role of Commanding Officer for OCE! Please join me in congratulating her!
  8. There's nothing to fix =p. Though I'll update the guide this weekend if the url formatting has changed
  9. Thanks for the heads up They might have changed. As long as the link shows your raid ready characters and gear you can use the
  10. Dayymmm that's some pro level stuff. Tower photo plz!
  11. Training raids and getting started with raiding. It's a bit long so if you can think of a way to shorten it.. XD
  12. Sorry not clear, can you elaborate?
  13. I heard it's only about 2-3 hours based on Zelda BotW testing.
  14. Mashed random buttons. Merforga was originally a concept hero commander for an Alaitoc Eldar craft world army in the Warhammer 40k universe. Has been my game handle for pretty much everything since almost 20 years ago. Fun fact: I was pretty prominent in a small flash game community for a game called Tactics Arena Online. Some Canadian schmuck stole my name so there is a literal fake Canadian Merf floating around if you google and see weird stuff.
  15. Get rid of raid gear guide. It's been outdated for a while and Trindines post which you've linked as "TTS Training Raids" has the up to date info. Will the update the rest when i get the chance =)