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  1. TTS Overwatch Heros

    yup lol weirdly enough I actually can snipe better on Ana than I can Widow...wtf?
  2. TTS Overwatch Heros

    Just play Junkrat or Symmetra...there's plenty of heros that require little to no aiming xD I suck so bad at aiming...
  3. Raid Training

    Oh I know. To be honest I've only cleared the first wing of Spirit Vale. And the sloth in the second. Past that i'm totally new. But I would love to learn it and practice it regardless :3
  4. TTS Overwatch Heros

    If any of you are still playing Overwatch i've been playing it since launch. #Hezrou11342 is my tag :3
  5. Raid Training

    I want to get into raiding but a lot of groups nowadays only want experienced players. I had to opportunity to complete Spirit Vale with my best friend getting me into their raid as a first time healer. It was hella fun and I wanted to do more. I want to keep practicing the mechanics and be able to confidently do all the raids. I already got the nessessary food and basic gear for it (I have an ascended set but it isn't for healing. It's my general set build. So i'm aiming for a second set for healing ;u; ) So if anyone wants a Druid healer that isn't too noobish in Spirit Vale hit me up! I'd love to go <3 PS - Gorserval is by far the most fun boss i've fought in yrs xD Also, to whomever stated you need (at least) ascended gear for it - not true. You can get by doing Spirit Vale with full Exotics if 1) you're built right, 2) know your class in and out and 3) do not screw up AT ALL. Hard mode engaged with everyone full exotic and nothing else....but doable if done correctly. Proof is here. Not advised...But ye. lol
  6. Make-A-Meme!

    I downloaded Pokemon GO at work and the first pokemon I get is a Charmander in my breakroom at work sitting in the sink like it was trying to kill itself. I think I may have a problem.
  7. Make-A-Meme!

    links are fixed.
  8. Make-A-Meme!

    fixed broken links.
  9. Took a trip to Mall of America

    Wow...I live in Texas and I never had a mall look like this. Even with the childish crap everywhere I feel so jealous xD
  10. Pacific Timezone!

    I'm central and I can totes work with this.
  11. The Shatterer - Smash the Dragon

    They pretty much nailed it rather hard on terms of getting the shatterer achievement. By the looks of it, the second jump was delayed. Not to mention they had a full map's cooperation, while ours lately have been about 80-95% participation. Should probably look into just straight up leaping for CC, then outright burn him Teq style until just before next jump. Make for a quick burn like that hopefully lol
  12. Dungeons

    I wouldn't mind helping. To be honest I haven't finished some of the paths back then because I never thought Anet would utterly ruin dungeons as hard as they did. :(
  13. What super power did you get?

    http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Pyrokinetic_Invisibility Apparently mine lets me go invisible in fire? Weird. Would be kinda cool ingame since my ranger uses a lot of fire >_> I smell irony...

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