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    Name: Matt (Damien Halia (guardian) / Shino Rekochi (elementalist) ) About Me: 7 year veteran of GW1 (pre-Factions). I usually am the token "Old Guy" in guilds. Wife and 2 cats, born in New England, college in Vermont (BS Psychology), have been to the Equator and love driving across the country to visit random family members. Currently employed at Shared Services warehouse shipping/receiving admin for UNC Healthcare. I absolutely love showing new people around and teaching what I know about dungeons / fractals (up to lvl 10) and general gameplay. I'm very new to endgame Raids and joined TTS because of all of the amazing positivity I've heard about them. Can usually be found on Youtube watching AGDQ speedruns or WoodenPotatoes videos. Color of Underwear: Black clothy stretchy Hanes boxers.

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