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  1. We raid 7:30-9:30 PST [2:30-4:30 server time] on Wednesday and Thursday nights. We are looking for 2 core members and additional members who can serve as subs. Here's what we are looking for: (1) Most importantly, we are looking for committed, consistent members for the core group. Reliability and timeliness are key to having a good time. If you like the time but don't think you can maintain attendance, feel free to volunteer to be a sub. (2) In terms of experience, we are looking for people who are at least semi-experienced with all of the wings -- if you haven't done the end-stage bosses, or have done some of the other fights but haven't managed a kill, that's fine. But you should know most of the fights and at least have studied up for fights you haven't cleared yet. (3) Be flexible. Have condi/power options available. And although we have the core support roles filled, if you want to play a support, that's fine too. (4) Positive attitude. We are fairly low key and are doing this for fun, not stress. We'd take a less experienced person with a better attitude over a more experienced person who can't be sociable. If you are interested, please send an in game message or mail to Mckeone (Mckeone.9804) or Courin at (Courin.2314). When you contact us, please let us know what classes you are interested in playing and whether you are interested in a core spot or in being a sub.

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