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    Leonov got a reaction from Koomaster in TTS Facebook Cover Photo Contest   
    Account: abcruziii.9405

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    Leonov got a reaction from Addy in Cosplay Fun   
    Character: Roagrimm
    Cosplaying as: Piccolo (of Dragon Ball Z)
    Account: abcruziii.9405
    Guild: Tequatl Terror Squad

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    Leonov got a reaction from Addy in Cosplay Fun   
    Character: Roagrimm
    Cosplaying as: Piccolo (of Dragon Ball Z)
    Account: abcruziii.9405
    Guild: Tequatl Terror Squad

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    Leonov got a reaction from Addy in Cosplay Fun   
    Character: Roagrimm
    Cosplaying as: Piccolo (of Dragon Ball Z)
    Account: abcruziii.9405
    Guild: Tequatl Terror Squad

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    Leonov got a reaction from Addy in Cosplay Fun   
    Character: Roagrimm
    Cosplaying as: Piccolo (of Dragon Ball Z)
    Account: abcruziii.9405
    Guild: Tequatl Terror Squad

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    Leonov got a reaction from Aeon in SEA / West AUS Static Group   
    Account: abcruziii.9405
    Roles ( https://gw2efficiency.com/account/characters/abcruziii.9405 )
    Warrior (PSEA, or Burnzerker) Necromancer (Condi Reaper) Guardian (Hammer DH) Revenant (DPS) Raid Experience
    All wings cleared 135 Legendary Insights (as of this posting) Available Days/Times
    Saturday, 1:30-3:30pm UTC Sunday, 1:30-3:30pm UTC Hardest Boss(es): Xera's Towers, Xera's Leylines, and Xera's Res-blockers
    How to Beat Elder Dragon Merf: Press 2 to fire Pact airship cannon
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    Leonov got a reaction from Addy in Make-A-Meme!   
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    Leonov got a reaction from Addy in Make-A-Meme!   
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    Leonov got a reaction from MasterOfSwordsmen in Where did TTS come from?   
    I posted this question a while back and Merf's reply can be found in this thread.
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    Leonov reacted to Yuzorra in Guild Wars 2: Super Adventure Box Soundtrack   
    Metal soundtracks for World 1 and World 2.
    Links for free download can be found there as well.
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    Leonov reacted to Vegeta in Guild Wars 2: Super Adventure Box Soundtrack   
    This music has already been posted by ArenaNet Themselves for FREE over on SoundCloud and can be found at https://soundcloud.com/arenanet/sets/guild-wars-2-super-adventure and https://soundcloud.com/arenanet/sets/guild-wars-2-super-adventure-1. So posting this should be within legal standards.  However I took the time to properly tag each file, and put them in order in which you first encounter them in the game.  They sound a lot better than actually listening to the in game.  The in game quality is 128 Bitrate, but these range from 1537-3074 Bitrate.  A huge difference.  The only thing this is missing is the Tribulation music, unfortunately there isn't a lossless source for those, and they are only present on YouTube which only comes in MP3, and I was taught not to transcode MP3 to a Lossless source.  However the files in the .rar are all lossless quality.  Anyways I present to you..
    Guild Wars 2: Super Adventure Box Soundtrack
    (FLAC / 48-96Khz / WEB)

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    Leonov got a reaction from Addy in The Ladder to Heaven   
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    Leonov reacted to Light Guardian Jack in Light Guardian Jack's Guide to Guardian in Raids   
    So I beat Slothasor yesterday and wanted to share this new build. Slothasor is very much a Guardian fight, his minions spam conditions and their projectiles can be reflected. Slothasor himself spams a ton of conditions and tosses some fears and CC around.
    So I dusted off a classic Guardian hammer build to use against him:
    Old Skool Hammer Guard:
    Use Wall of reflection to negate a lot of slothling damage, Purging flames and Virtue of Resolve can be used to clear 3 conditions, and Virtue of Courage is used to break stuns of yourself and allies hit by his fear/CC attack.
    Slothasor’s fat butt tends to lag behind on key points during his final phases so a scepter is good to have on swap.
    You can use a variant with either the Radiance or Dragonhunter traitline if you want to use a Greatsword instead of a hammer to pull Slothlings into the group to get cleaved down. Dragonhunter will deal more damage but makes using Virtue of Resolve to cleanse scattered allies a bit harder.
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    Leonov reacted to NexForce in The 2013 Club   
    Dec 2013, is still 2013. I will do my best to find those members that stuck with us from the beginning. 
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    Leonov reacted to Jacobbs in Raid Gear Guide   
    [Updated March 27, 2016]
    Here's my rough guide for meta stats for some common class roles that you'll want to consider:
    General Power DPS
    Berserker's (Zojja's) or Assassin's (Soros'/Saphir's) sets are likely the best choice for you. Generally, Runes of the Scholar are the best bet, but some classes may run other ones.
    As of the latest update,
    Elementalists - your best rune set is 6 of the Superior Rune of the Scholar
    Revenants - your best rune set is also 6 of the Superior Rune of the Scholar
    For elementalists, you'll want full Berserker's armor and trinkets with Assassin's weapons.
    For revenants, you'll want full Berserker's armor and trinkets with Berserker's weapons.
    General Condition DPS
    Most meta builds will recommend and rely on a combination of Sinister's (Verata's) and Viper's (Yassith's) sets. Single condition builds generally rely on condition specific duration sigils and traits, which frees up armor to run Sinister; however, most builds will be likely to run much more Viper's than Sinister's. This will vary based on which class you are running, so please look it up! Just a note, if you cant run Sinster (Verata) or Viper (Yassith) - RUN RAMPAGERS. Toughness is not ideal unless you are also the tank.

    Here is a general rule of thumb for gearing condition DPS:
    Check your traits & runes and don't forget to factor in food and utility to make sure you will be getting the condition duration from those places. Are you at 95% condition duration or above on your main condition? If yes: run Sinister's or another comparable stat set (Rampagers) for your armor, weapons and trinkets. If no: add a piece of Viper gear (armor or weapons first), repeat step 2. You want to prefer armor and weapons before dipping into your trinkets - this is because viper's amulets and back pieces are difficult to get and viper's ascended accessories do not currently exist (exotic ones do, however, if needed)  
    For condition builds without access to duration traits (condi druid is one of these), most duration will come from gear. In this case, you'll want to run 4 Nightmare and 2 Trapper runes (this gives you 25% duration; 15 from Nightmare, 10 from Trapper).
    For condition builds with access to duration traits, you will likely be running Superior Runes of the Berserker, but always check!
    Healing and Support Roles
    Druid - Magi's (Hronk's) is going to be your best bet. Alternatively, you'll want to run Zealot's (Keeper's). Magi's is cheaper than Zealot's so get that. If you really are in a crunch, Berserker's is a very poor, but do-able choice. While Cleric's is a set that is sometimes recommended, I do not recommend this, as it necessitates your tank running much more toughness than is ideal. I say again, if you are serious about raiding on a healing druid, do not run Cleric's armor and weapons. You'll want a full set of Superior Rune of the Monk from Ascalonian Catacombs.
    Elementalist - For an auramancer I would recommend either (1) Zealot's (Keeper's) armor & weapons with Berserker's (Zojja's) trinkets OR (2) full berserker armor and trinkets with an assassins weapon set. Option 1 is an investment that won't see much use, frankly, so I recommend option #2. So far, the usecases for an auramancer build are as a secondary healer, not as a main.
    Chronomancer - The meta armor for mesmers (even though their DPS isn't great) is Assassin's (Soros'/Saphir's) due to the base critical chance being the way mesmer phantasms can assist with DPS. The best rune set, as of update, is 6 of the Superior Rune of the Chornomancer. Another option for Chronomancers is full Commander's (Tizlak's) armor and weapons - this set has toughness which puts you in the role of Chronotank. The boon duration is handy for attaining high boon duration without relying on a revenant in the party, but be mindful of the toughness this set has. Unless you are in Wing 2, or playing Chronotank, you will likely want to stay in the Assassin's set. For the Commander's set, the rune set of choice is Chronomancer runes: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vhAQRAse8dnsICFoh9fCmfCUrhlnjCdx+gH7sACgDr+PT0FF-TRSBQBXU5gHOJAHU9nrokwMKBBwTA4f7PQGlY3T/ApA+aYE-e
    Please consult outside sources to find out which rune set is competitive/meta. I've included only a few, as I do not know the other classes well enough to make recommendations with confidence.
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    Leonov reacted to Light Guardian Jack in Spirt Vale Raid Build and Composition Guide   
    Guide is Work in progress
    I’ll add a section about composition after the build section.
    So Metabattle and every other central build directories is taking forever to put up builds people have found so far in Raids. The meta is still somewhat young but still a lot of the key staples have already been established. So here’s a central directory of all the good to meta builds I have found so far.
    I’ll add a section for group composition later. 
    Most groups want around 1-2 Revanents for their easy fury generation. Their power DPS is strong, they have access to stacking tons of other boons and they can enhance the boon durations of their allies (your Chronomancer will like that). They can also tank if required. They're damage took a hit in the last update so you can't just stack 4 of them anymore and call it a day but most groups still want at least one of them. 

    Herald Power DPS:http://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Herald_-_S/A
    Just grab a variant of this build if you want something you can use and get into 90% of most groups.

    Tank Rev:  http://en.gw2skills.net/editor/?vlAQNAsemnXN2gSqJvQR/kbosgyPU4Q5IKYr8ElFNFqdABoBsjJNxxugJshA-TxSBABPcCAMTJIXKRu4IAgimAAeAA8pFgS1fwTHwV7PKv04QAIKoMC-e
    Food: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Bowl_of_Lemongrass_Mussel_Pasta
    Tank Rev works pretty well in Vale Guardian. Just remember to put on enough knights trinkets to pull aggro. 

    Warriors got smacked with the nerfbat recently but they're still a desired class in Raids. First off the Phalanx Strength build is still used for that might generation but also they have a decent condition damage build. The Burnzerker build used to be the undisputed best condition damage build against Gorseval (due to his large hitbox) but thanks to a Scotched earth change, that's no longer the case, it's still a good option for a Condi-damage slot but it's not the damage monster it used to be. Still you'll always want around 2 of them for that sweet might generation and they're still very few professions that can beat them in that department. 

    The Old PS Warrior: http://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Berserker_-_Phalanx_Strength
    At the end of the day it still works like it always has. Hit things, give might, use banners, don’t get hit by other things.

    Burnzerker: http://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Berserker_-_LB_S/T_Maximum_Condition
    If you already have 2 PS warriors use this build. It got nerfed heavily but it's still a good option for ranged circle group on Vale Guardian and something if you have 3 Warriors.

    The word I’d use to describe Guardians in the current Raid meta now is niche. They have a few things they can offer in very specific roles in Vale Guardian and Sabatha that certain groups can make use of. However outside of these niches, they’re outclassed by nearly everyone else due to the fact that their damage is weak compared to some other power users.. For some more info I’d recommend reading my guide because what they can do differs on an encounter by encounter basis.

    Guide: http://forums.ttsgamers.com/topic/2138-light-guardian-jacks-guide-to-guardian-in-raids/#comment-27517

    Standard Dragonhunter: http://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Dragonhunter_-_DPS/Support
    The base build you still use. Keep in mind you should be modifying it based on the encounter your on. See the guide I posted earlier

    Tank Dragonhunter: 
    Dragonhunter is a decent tank on Vale Guardian, probably a strong choice for newer groups. Gorseval though they start to struggle compared to something like a Scrapper tank.

    They did it guys! They made the ranger meta! All it took was changing them into monks! In all seriousness, ya pretty much every Raid group uses one Druid as a healer. However you only really need one Druid and rangers are sorta typecast into that role. There’s no other popular power or condition DPS builds I’ve seen.

    Healer Druid: 
    Not much to say other then it’s a healer build, you probably need at least one of them. Small note though, for your first Raid clear, you should be as a heal heavy as a Druid as you can  be (without pulling aggro from your tank with toughness trinkets). That means using Magi armor, Zealots isn’t really worth the cost and berserker is only used if you have a speedclearing group going.

    I think everyone expected Condition Engineer to be the new staff elementalist. They’re not quite that strong but they overall fit the same role. If you just want straight condition damage, this is one the best choices. They can also make good tanks if you use the scrapper elite spec. The only real downside to engineer is that they’re hard to play. Trust me, you don’t try to learn how to be a good engy and the Raid encounters at the same time, it doesn’t work.

    Condi-Engy: http://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Engineer_-_Condition_Grenadier
    When it doubt condi-engy. A lot of your addition skills outside of your skill rotation can be handy (pushback on flamethrower, water field on mortar kit, blinding skills on mortar and bomb kit). Only real problem is your damage drops off if your target is moving out of your napalm (Vale Guardian) or if you have to stay at ranged most of the time.

    Scrapper Tank: (insert scrapper tank from diviner or somewhere here)
    Scrapper tank is awesome, especially against gorseval. It’s basically the same as condi-engy but your tanking at the same time and you can break breakbars easier with slick shoes + the stun trait.

    Thief started out in Raids as the black sheep. Now they’re in a more respectable position since they’re damage has caught up to the average (thanks to the auto-attack buff) and damage monsters like Condi-warrior have been nerfed. Still they don’t offer much besides damage which makes them hard to fit into every composition. As for whether or not Condi-thief or Power-Thief is better that depends on a few factors. Power-Thief overall does better on its own while Condi-thief does better with Alacrity and can contribute to breakbar breaking though they have a major weakness of being forced to be near 4 teammates in order to deal max damage (venom share is weak on Vale Guardian split phases). They’re still a really difficult profession to play and there’s a lot competition they have to deal with for the “Pure DPS” slots they’ll be looking for, still a decent choice if you honestly don’t have anything else

    Guide: http://sickestguild.com/forum/m/31644179/viewthread/25303372-spirit-vale-dps-daredevil-guide
    That guide has the best advice if you’re determined to use a thief in Raids right now and a couple builds

    The Chronomancer is pretty much being taken by everyone for obvious reasons. They pump out crazy amounts of quickness and alacrity. You can also use some certain wells to make your allies invulnerable at key times and you have a couple knockbacks. There’s only room for one maybe two Chronomancers per team but almost every team will run a chronomancer. They can also tank and pump out their boons at the same time if you’re crazy good as well.

    DPS Chronomancer: http://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Chronomancer_-_Utility_DPS
    There’s probably a lot more to playing standard chronomancer then I actually know so I’ll refer you to this guide if you want to learn more

    If that build wasn’t crazy enough for you, you can tank and do your quickness and alacrity thing at the same time. You’ll need some experience as a standard Chronomancer first but if you can pull off a Chrono-tank, you’re probably the best tank in the game.
    Elementalist is in a good position. Not “the entire meta revolves around me!” good, just good. They have a good mix of damage and support that they can offer to the Raid. Their main selling point is that their Staff AoEs do very well on Gorseval and orb clearing duty. While Staff struggles a bit on mobile moving small hitbox enemies (Vale Guardian), the Dagger/Warhorn set can pick up the slack to keep the elementalist competitive. Finally there is a healing elementalist build I know of but I’ll talk about how the set performs a bit later.

    Staff Tempest: http://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Tempest_-_Staff_DPS
    Same Staff build basically. Does extremely well vs Gorseval, ok vs Sabatha, not so well vs Vale Guardian. Luckily for the last one there’s a back-up build.
    Dagger/Warhorn Tempest: http://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Tempest_-_Fresh_Air_DPS
    This is a good back-up set to learn. Does extremely well vs Vale Guardian in the melee group. Not sure if it or Staff is better for Sabatha.

    Aura Healing Tempest: http://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Tempest_-_Auramancer_Raid_Healer
    So disclaimer, I don’t know how effective this is against Druid yet but I have seen it used by a couple groups (most notably WoodenPotatoes and Denoir’s exotic clearing group). Most groups will still just use a tried and tested druid but here’s an option if you want it.

    Ya guys about the Necromancer they are…. actually not bad at all! They've broken through their old reputation and now compete with the best condi-damage builds like the Condi-engy. Some people have accused it of being gimmicky because… it kinda is but thanks to epidemic and the jagged horrors you can pump out enough condi-damage to catch up and sometimes surpass to most other damage builds. You have a couple tricks up your sleeve like using epidemic to nuke adds around bosses, Flesh golem’s charge to destroy breakbars and a couple other things. Power Nerco is ok and niche but really all the necromancers I see are going Viper Condi-damage.

    Condition Necromancer: http://sickestguild.com/forum/m/31644179/viewthread/25151391-spirit-vale-condition-reaper-guide
    Kinda close to the Engineer in terms of damage, your main gimmick is epidemic for nuking down those annoying small ghosts in Gorseval (your basically copying 25 stacks of bleeding and burning and more to them) and the bandits in Sabatha (also you can copy conditions from the 3 “bosses” back to Sabatha when she comes down).

    Power Nercomancer: http://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Reaper_-_Offensive_Blood_Support
    Power necromancer is ok due to Transfusion and it has a couple tricks of its own.
    General composition roles
    So far all encounters have these roles:
    - 1 Healer
    - 8 DPS/Boon Support
    - 1 Tank (except Sabatha)
    Overall you’re trying to maximize your DPS while still having enough support and mastery of the mechanics to keep everyone alive. This means everyone who’s not the healer or tank needs to run the highest DPS gear they can (Berserker, Assassins, Sinister, Vipers) and run the best damage build they can while still equipping enough utilities and traits to stay alive.
    The Healer
    Can be filled by:
    -A Druid
    -Aura healing Tempest
    Usually a Druid but you can also sub in an Elementalist if you can’t find a Druid for some reason. You’ll want one healer in the group for all Raid encounters for your first clear and you’ll rely on them to heal through some hard to avoid damage from each boss. My personal recommendation is that your healer focus their build and gear to mostly healing for your first clear as you’ll need the extra healing while your other teammates are learning the mechanics.
    Offensive Boon Generation (25 Might, Fury, quickness and alacrity):
    Usually Filled by:
    -Phalanx Strength Warriors (might
    -Revenants (might, fury)
    -Chronomancer (Quickness, alacrity)
    Decent Substitutes
    -Aura sharing elementalists (fury)
    -Druid’s pets (fury from tiger)
    -More Revenants! (More might!)
    -Various professions for low amounts of might and fury
    Every encounter is tuned expecting you to have 25 might and fury up all the time and high uptimes of quickness and alacrity. The current meta is simply using 1 Phalanx strength warrior and 1 Revenant per 4-5 man group and 1 Chronomancer per Raid. If you can’t access that because you’re missing key professions, you’ll need to either need to find other skills from your other professions to make up those boons not being produced (especially might and fury). If you’re missing a PS warrior, stacking more Revenants and having them camp glint. For fury, a Druid can have their tiger spam their fury shout and a healing aura tempest can equip Zephyr’s Boon to have their auras grant Fury. There are probably a couple more ways to get 25 might and fury but I’ve listed the easiest ways.
    Tank (Vale Guardian and Gorseval)
    Usually filled by:
    -Scrapper tank
    -Almost every profession with above base toughness
    At this point I’ve seen nearly every kind of profession tank with various degrees of success. Tanking is something each player seems to do differently and varies by group by group. There are some more prominent examples that I’ve listed but I’d be here all day if I tried to list all the different types of tanks. While the main requirement is that you hold aggro with the most toughness and sustain yourself, usually the best tank builds bring something else, whether that's support (Chrono-tank), dps (Revenant) or break-bar CC skills (Scrapper tank) so what tank is best for you group usually depends on what the DPS can't cover. 
    Vale Guardian Unique Composition Requirements
    -4 Members enough mobility and ranged damage for Green Circle duty
    -2-3 Members with condition damage
    -1 member with boon removal
    -DPS members need to be decent at damaging moving targets.
    Green circle duty
    Recommended choices:
    -Longbow DPS Dragonhunter
    Usually the healer joins this group so you’ll need 3 DPS members with good ranged damage and a good amount of knockbacks to deal with seekers. 
    Condi-damage members
    Recommended choices:
    Any build with good condition damage will do as long as they can get the Red Guardian down in the split phase fairly easily.
    Boon removal
    Recommended choices
    -Mesmer sword auto-attack
    -Necromancer utilities
    -really any boon removal
    Basically someone needs to have boon removal for the Blue Guardian on the split phase 99% of the time this is just the Chronomancer using their sword auto-attack.
    Everyone else not in a special role
    If all the other positions (general or vale guardian specific) are filled the remaining professions should focus on as much DPS that’s good against a moving target as possible.
    (To Be finished at a later date!)
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    Leonov got a reaction from Phode in Windows 10   
    You're welcome, Rosso! Have Fun™ with the gadgets!
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    Leonov reacted to Vegeta in PSA: Old Boosters that Stack with New Boosters   
    And no I am not talking about extended time. From what I've tested the following boosters stack with their counterparts (Item / Heroic Booster)..
    Experience Booster (old) Magic Find Booster (old) Crafting Booster (old) Gathering Booster (old) I left out Karma and Killstreak experience boosters because killstreak was capped at 100%, and it only shows 1 icon. And there isn't a new karma booster so there's that.
    Fun fact though, with using the new item booster along with gathering booster you can get up to 66% chance at more resources, and you can get even more with gathering banner and guild buff going at once.
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    Leonov got a reaction from Sera Rosso in Windows 10   
    Here is a How-To Geek article for putting back gadgets in Windows 10 (or 8.1).
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    Leonov got a reaction from Wickfish in Forum Badges - Art Help Needed   
    Final Submission
    Right Aligned Text

    Left Aligned Text

    Final Submission
    * Badge submission *

    Thanks for the feedback, Saith! Modified the Council symbol a bit.

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    Leonov got a reaction from Wickfish in Forum Badges - Art Help Needed   
    Final Submission
    Right Aligned Text

    Left Aligned Text

    Final Submission
    * Badge submission *

    Thanks for the feedback, Saith! Modified the Council symbol a bit.

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    Leonov got a reaction from Wickfish in Forum Badges - Art Help Needed   
    Final Submission
    Right Aligned Text

    Left Aligned Text

    Final Submission
    * Badge submission *

    Thanks for the feedback, Saith! Modified the Council symbol a bit.

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    Leonov got a reaction from Wickfish in Forum Badges - Art Help Needed   
    Final Submission
    Right Aligned Text

    Left Aligned Text

    Final Submission
    * Badge submission *

    Thanks for the feedback, Saith! Modified the Council symbol a bit.

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    Leonov got a reaction from Summerborn in How to tell someone they are ugly?   
    "Where you absent the day {insert name of your favorite deity here} showered beauty on the earth?"
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    Leonov reacted to Iona in Get the Chinese dragon mini   
    Go to https://account.arena.net/security/settings and add 2-step authentication (or unlink and re-link if you already have it) and you get the formerly Chinese-only mini.
    Source - https://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/3eu8lv/psa_exclusive_mini_for_using_twofactor/

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