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  1. TTS Facebook Cover Photo Contest

    Ah thanks, the forum embeds the image link automatically! Good to know!
  2. TTS Facebook Cover Photo Contest

    Thanks for fixing the upload limit Erik! The new imgur embed code wasn't working for me - the forum wasn't rendering <...> tags properly. I hunted around for the old imgur embed code and have properly embedded the imgur image into my post. Thanks again!
  3. TTS Facebook Cover Photo Contest

    http://imgur.com/a/XHx2k Account: abcruziii.9405
  4. Cosplay Fun

    Character: Roagrimm Cosplaying as: Piccolo (of Dragon Ball Z) Account: abcruziii.9405 Guild: Tequatl Terror Squad
  5. SEA / West AUS Static Group

    Thanks! All g!
  6. SEA / West AUS Static Group

    Yikes haha
  7. SEA / West AUS Static Group

    Yup, I can.
  8. SEA / West AUS Static Group

    Yeah, I can see #general, #random, and the others but not avenger's.
  9. SEA / West AUS Static Group

    I can't seem to find the #aeons-avengers channel in the list
  10. SEA / West AUS Static Group

    Account: abcruziii.9405 Roles ( https://gw2efficiency.com/account/characters/abcruziii.9405 ) Warrior (PSEA, or Burnzerker) Necromancer (Condi Reaper) Guardian (Hammer DH) Revenant (DPS) Raid Experience All wings cleared 135 Legendary Insights (as of this posting) Available Days/Times Saturday, 1:30-3:30pm UTC Sunday, 1:30-3:30pm UTC Hardest Boss(es): Xera's Towers, Xera's Leylines, and Xera's Res-blockers How to Beat Elder Dragon Merf: Press 2 to fire Pact airship cannon
  11. Make-A-Meme!

  12. Where did TTS come from?

    I posted this question a while back and Merf's reply can be found in this thread. http://forums.ttsgamers.com/topic/1534-tts-founder-and-history/
  13. The Ladder to Heaven

    Yup, and it was a long way up.
  14. Darth Maul: Apprentice

    This is a fan made video starring Darth Maul.
  15. Took a trip to Mall of America

    I remember Hooters
  16. The 2013 Club

    I've been with TTS ever since HellsPriest invited me to the original guild. I got swapped around due to the 'timezone consolidation' and when I applied for transfer to Terror.
  17. Hey Guys, If you intend to give gifts via the Gem Store, make sure to leave your name in the text box if you wish to inform the recipient that you sent them a gift. Apparently, gifts are sent anonymously by default. I recently went into a lot of email discussion with Support trying to find out who sent me a gift. Long story short: they could not disclose who the gift sender was. And before you ask - No, I wasn't part of any in-game Secret Santa thing. Here's my GW2 forum post on it. https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/support/bugs/Gift-Sender-not-Displayed-in-In-game-Mail
  18. Teamspeak sound quality problem

    It is currently not be possible to have high quality audio if you intend to use your Bluetooth headset for talking. However if you have a wired mic and use that for talking your audio quality won't suffer. (http://www.tomsguide.com/answers/id-2523759/bluetooth-poor-quality.html)
  19. Forum Badges - Art Help Needed

    My post got borked and I couldn't fix it anymore ("Locked due to an old comment"). Moving Final Submission here.
  20. Windows 10

    You're welcome, Rosso! Have Fun™ with the gadgets!
  21. Windows 10

    Here is a How-To Geek article for putting back gadgets in Windows 10 (or 8.1). http://www.howtogeek.com/178869/how-to-add-gadgets-back-to-windows-8.1/
  22. Forum Badges - Art Help Needed

    Thanks, Erik! I've updated my post with a Final Submission section.
  23. TTS Yearbook #2: Design and style

    An easily accessible option would be Google Slides. It's probably not as full-featured as MS Powerpoint though.

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