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  1. I Dare You Not to Smile

  2. Make your builds now !

    Old Thief Venom traits: Venomous Strength - Venoms grant might when activated. Quick Venoms - Reduces recharge on venom skills. Residual Venom - Applied venoms last an additional strike. Leeching Venoms Siphon life from your foe when triggering a venom. This can only occur once per strike. Venomous Aura - When you use a venom skill, you apply the effects to all nearby allies as well. New thief traits: ^So this replaced residual venom since it is now baseline and not a trait in itself. Leeching Venoms - Gain might when activating a venom. Siphon life from your foe when triggering a venom. This can only occur once per strike. ^This is a hybrid of old Venomous Strength AND Leeching venoms. Venomous Aura - When you use a venom skill, you apply the effects to all nearby allies as well. Venom recharges are reduced by 20%. ^ This is a hybrid of the old Venomous aura and Quick venoms. As far as I can tell, they just combined them Vegeta. Thief is not shrekt. It's not all ogre now. We can stay in the swamp. :) EDIT - Formatting and a sentence
  3. I Dare You Not to Smile

    Added a T-shirt. Better?
  4. I Dare You Not to Smile

    There were some comics linked on reddit in the last few days. Since they are so goddamn long I am going to post one and link the rest. MORE COMIC #2 MORE COMIC #3
  5. Question heating: Power consumption?

    How large is the room which you are trying to heat? Does it have insulation? I am only asking this as you might be opting for the most cost effective option. But if that 'invested' heat is lost easily or the room is quite large the coil fan may need to work at 100% all the time and might end up costing more in the end. Have you had a squiz at this PDF? Or have I entirely missed your point? :S https://www.sa.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0017/14273/Winter-heating-guide.pdf
  6. TTS Speed Tequatl

    Don't be like me and forget to equip one to an underwater weapon as well. Because whirlpools :D.
  7. A new Direction

    I know my reply is slow, but I was actually pretty excited to do WvW with TTS. An April fool I be. Tee hee.
  8. Airplane

    I couldn't resist. It had to be done. EDIT: - altered the image logo a bit
  9. Gold Transfer Nerf

    So if TTS were to raffle off another Eternity this year it will take 8 WEEKS for the recipient to get it? Longest 8 weeks ever.
  10. Greg

    I was afraid this day was coming. I knew you were busy with life and the daily grind of study, but I didn't expect you to stand down so soon. Needless to say this is sad news, but as someone who was born in the internet I am sure we will see you around again at sometime. :) Truth be told I have no really been in TTS for as long as you or many other members. But I will miss the way you lead the tequatl raids at OCE. Why? The burn music was just so well done. Not to discredit anyone, but whenever Greg did raids you couldn't help but sit there and listen to his meme filled ramblings about everything and anything. But by far the strongest memory I have relating to GREG (Gregtech Industries) was when the Greglings decided to invade silverwastes; It was truly a sight to behold. I am also pretty sure the only words that Greg could utter was an awe-inspired 'This is amazing.' All I can really say is best of luck with your studies James. Thanks for being a top kek leader. EDIT:- I dun goofed up a word; werd.
  11. RachelFraction Points

    OMG I get RIP's now!?! :ohmy: I decided to utilize the first person camera and get a close up once I heard there were twins. (This might explain why I was in your way for a while)
  12. TTS Jumping Puzzle Event

    Yay. All the more reason to level my mesmer.
  13. [TTS] and [DTOP] Dry Top Collaboration for MS Toga Party

    Tyria. The mystically magical land where clay is more valuable than gold and platinum. I am looking forward to some ELEVENTY BILLION % heroes banner shenanigans.
  14. Incoming Purge!

    And there I was thinking that the expired mouldy murder taco's were being thrown out.

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