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  1. Break Bar (CC) Guide

    https://tinyurl.com/DoTheCC I dun maded us a tinyurl to drop into map chats!
  2. Serpent's Ire Guide

    Thaaaanks @Spear Of Flame
  3. TTS Pokemon General Thread!

    So this happened back in July, but I wanted to share it now that I'm actually active on the forums. The time that Crimson Wurm was replaced by a Lapras. (I miss that apartment. It was right next to a library with a gym and a stop and there were spawns EVERYWHERE!)
  4. Male or female

    I have to count my characters in my head a sec cuz I only play a couple of them... 2 human... asura.... sylvari norn... pack mule.... Okay I have 6 females and 2 males currently, though one male is level 2 and likely will be deleted but I love him. His name is Cinuyasha. BECAUSE I DO WHAT I WANT I usually play girl characters because yaknow, it's nice being able to play as what I am/identify, since so many single player games don't give me that option. But then I made my Rev... Cin Sirius is a sexy sexy man I don't care what anyone says. I used to also have a female Charr, but after two years of her sitting at level 10 and never wanting to play her (engi), I decided to delete her. I'll make a Charr eventually, and it'll probably be male.
  5. Contest/Event Ideas

    So, one of my other guilds did a fun trivia night a month or so ago, but it was a competition between two guilds ([Jedi] vs. [Sith], so all questions either GW2 or Star Wars related). We were in a squad together, split into two subgroups so we could tell who was on which team, and whoever answered correctly in squad chat was personally awarded 1G, and got a point toward their team. They also did one called something like "Noob Escort," where two of the commanders in the guild made brand spankin' new level 2 characters, Tele'd to Friend to a level 80 area, had a squad for each Noob, and each squad had to protect their Noob from point A to point B, all while the Noob ran around like an idiot trying to fight things like a Noob would. If the Noob died, everyone would have to waypoint back to the starting position and start again. xD It was chaotic and hilarious. Would be fun to do in an area like TD where there's lanes full of chak, and each squad has a lane to run without bumping into one another.
  6. :D Mayyyyyyyyybe! (yes yes I did. Just don't squint too hard and realize that it doesn't say [TTS]. I'm too lazy to change it lol)
  7. Leader and TTS members derp page!

    ^ Cin, who was commanding Crimson as a probie for the first time ever, and had to run and do reflect after an entire volley of eggs got out. (Of course, we know her love of reflects so....) She also nearly caused the event to fail by choosing to do a baby burn without regards to the remaining time, and ended up decapping with only about 15 seconds left if amber hadn't decapped first.... but it was her first time so we'll cut her slack there. :P Honestly, though, it was a fun run!
  8. :D Thanks for the welcomes/warnings!
  9. How Did You Pick Your Name?

    Got this game as a gift from my bf at the time so we could play while long distance. I was watching Arrow at the time, and liked the character Cin, so I stole her name, then Stallow is the last name of a D&D character. My ranger ended up being my main, so everyone started calling me it, and all my other characters have since been named Cin Something to match.

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