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  1. Go ...

    After Monday... not sure you guys are gonna make it, but WE WILL BE THERE AT THE EASTERN CONFERENCE FINALS BABY!!!!!!! See you you guys there!!!!!!!! ... maybe. GL.
  2. Go ...

    Oh and for TRINDINE
  3. Go ...

    GO SENS GO!!!
  4. Male or female

    Yeah, i hear you @Meggly - I am always hearing the same. Most of the time I don't even bother to correct it. I bet that most guys play females; if i were one I would, we are much hotter, ya?? Either way, i will make one guy character, for shits and giggles - it will be the Charr.
  5. Winter is Trumping

    Thought this was hillarious!! If anyone is a GoT fan..

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