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  1. Description Some (experimental) GW2Taco markers, for Tequatl & Triple Trouble Blocking. @Blockers: These are not meant to substitute knowing the spots or how to find them, but as a guideline so you can find them again easily if you get thrown. Notes Still testing the blocker ones. Will update as I test 'em. Will add custom markers if bored or someone else makes it. Might add some for Shatterer to complete the classic set. Updates delayed due to pc issues. -------------- Links V1. 20:28:07, Monday, July 24, 2017. (PDT) : (removed) V2. 22:08:56, Monday, July 24, 2017. (PDT) : MegaNZ Link (not ready for blocker use. cobalt/amber conversion otw, currently still only guideline) Changes V1. Uploaded. V2. Crimson marker updated. Starting conversion from 'stand under' markers to 'stand inside while facing downward'. -------------- How to use
  2. Canada Day and Independence Day

    I heard someone say destroy stuff. Gotcha.
  3. With Much Love

    Come back if sometimes whenever something. Chat and stuff. Good luck. Eat fruit. Poop fruit. Do not be fruit.
  4. Welcome to our Newest Probationary Commander - Tamiyo

  5. Wheee

    Yoyo. -random greeting message here-
  6. Congrats to Rohin our newest OCE Commander

    Oh, huh, Rohin wasn't already a commander? Grats.
  7. [Introduction] Scoot

    Thank y'all.
  8. [Introduction] Scoot

    Call me Scoots. I like Jelly. Am in Tickle Squad. I like Jelly.

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