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  1. Auric Basin

    So I was wondering, I run an MM lobby squad in Auric Basin a couple of days in the week. Can I LFG it as [TTS] or would you rather have me running it tagless? I don't have fixed dates yet, but usually it's most weekdays at 22.45 server time. Saturdays depends on when I'm free, but I tend to run it every two hours...
  2. EU Revival

    Sounds good, see you then.
  3. EU Revival

    What's on schedule for this evening? I should be able to make it 6pm server time.
  4. GreyishWolf reporting for ...

    Hello It's GreyishWolf.3256
  5. EU Revival

    I just joined TTS for this :)
  6. GreyishWolf reporting for ...

    Hi So recently I've been looking on reddit for a guild on NA servers that also runs during EU time, basically people referred me here. I'll maybe start out explaining what I do on BlackGate as a Belgian player (EU), well it's all [NINE]'s fault for getting me into wvw so I moved with them from WSR to BG when they decided to go back "home". Now since I'm on around EU times (20utc - 02-03utc) I find it hard to find opportunities to do raids or triple trouble for example. That i'm hoping to find with TTS. In return I can offer you: "yet another commander tag". I run multi map meta events in Auric Basin and I enjoy commanding sandstorms in Dry Top. Next to all that I have some experience in wvw and pvp and a huge interest in anything the game has to offer. That's all

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