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  1. My Introduction

    From what i'm learning Ele would be the closest to an Elemental Shaman in WoW, but the dps attributes are more like a Mage which i main. I am currently trying to unlock my Tempest mastery and do have HoT.
  2. My Introduction

    Hey All! My name is BravoFoxtrot, you can call me Bravo for short. I just recently started playing this game within the last 2 weeks and I had bought it back in 2012 and never played it. I come from WoW and used to play Hardcore till just recently. Looking for a new start and any advice would be much appreciated as i'm still new. I play an Elementalist, so people who play that would be great as well. Other than that I am apart of an International Clan, Will not name because I do not want to be flagged for anything so i'm always on forums of some sort. Add me in game at Bravofoxtrot.1859 :D

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