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  1. Are you good at hiding? (OCE Contests)

    Being found is done by srouc targeting or pointing at people. He will have his UI off so cant see what he has targeted and there will be 2 commanders to verfiy it. Asian why and they dont know where we are playing yet and i might move deco 2 min before mwhaha
  2. Hey guys, Next Friday the 23rd at 10:30 am Utc we will be holding a hide and seek contest for everyone to get involved with and win gold. We will be using part of the Terror guild hall and Srouc will be turning his UI off to find you Don't worry if you're not in Terror we will get you in there. Prizes: 1st Place: 15g 2nd Place 10g 3rd Place 5g Rules: No tonics No changing where you're hiding once the seeker has started- you can move to stop being kicked out and can reset your /sleep or other emotes Must be hiding in the play area given to you by the person in charge Must not give away other people's location once your out Cannot use Oakheart Essence Transmuting and outfit changing is allowed No decorating, removing or placing items Allowed to be naked with no weapons or armour Looking forward to the fun and seeing you guys next week
  3. Congrats to Ravens King our newest OCE Probie

    yay more probies
  4. Congrats to Rohin our newest OCE Commander

    yay contraz rohin
  5. OCE Decorations Spreadsheet!!!

    I forced you to do nothing, i suggested it all and left you to do it with little help :P But seriously this spreadsheet is awesome and i love it.
  6. Welcome our Newest Probationary Commander, Cin

    welcome to the looney house, please grab a straight jacket and choice a padded cell
  7. New(ish) Open World Probie - Esk

    congratz kinda probie
  8. Please welcome Seraphic to our team. Please make them feel welcome. \o/
  9. Guide Master Post (WIP)

    so the guide to raid training has some good gear pieces on it to so probably dont need the outdated old meta, the guide to gear getting bit needs a bit more updating but that shouldnt be to hard. the intro raids guide is correct but the tele ranks on there are wrong as merf just updated them. So that also needs to be edited
  10. Trindine And Bunny Build Bridges

    we where destorying bridges and jumpping in buckets to
  11. Trindine And Bunny Build Bridges

    Trindine and Me got to know each other
  12. I personal say it should be guild vets or higher that can use the tatics. The claiming might be fine for active members. I personally say we dont want someone coming in brand new and spending it all and trolling us
  13. Craft Guide: Legendary Weapons

    I have the quaggan fishbowl i love it. thanks for the guide
  14. Koda's Blessing Aura

    After 950 ecto, 95 winterberrys, 190 icey runestones and alot of other mats i got the aura. I like it as its not over the top.

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