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    Pur Rawrcket
  1. How Did You Pick Your Name?

    Dreamydark's been a long standing gaming name by now, I dont remember how I actually chose it. As far as my main go (and most other characters for that matter), Pur Rawrcket is a terrible pun. Here was my exact "thought" process. Im making an enginneer, Pure Rocket sounds pretty badass, oh, im also a giant cat? alright lets make my cat Pur because it makes sense. Now how can I make Rocket into a terrible pun? *makes a clawing movement with his hand* rawr...OH I GOT IT: ill just do RAWRcket. HAHAHA im so funny. Pur Rawrcket.
  2. Male or female

    I suggest Asura male then, they have hilarious voice lines.
  3. Male or female

    /hug =3
  4. Male or female

    Im sorry, I never intended for the conversation to escalate in that direction, I never meant for it. I will modify my message to reflect that though it seems the damage is done already =(
  5. Male or female

    I have 9 characters for each class. 7 males, 1 sylvari and 1 female The only female I have is a warrior that I tried to make as tomboyish and bulky as possible... it didnt work, all human females are slim whatever you try to do, so I just put a karka head over her face. EDIT: why? I love men =3

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