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  1. Strutting along Cliff's Edge
  2. If only we could compile all of the LS achievements in a matrix, those that can be done during one run, those that can be done with another party, those that require a toon with/without HoT masteries and content (especially time/score-based events), and those that could be done without interacting with the instance to some degree....
  3. I'm actually in the similar situation....briefly fainted while crossing the street after taking a break from a HoT meta and toon grinding. Looking at holistic solutions at the moment. http://www.healingcrystals.com/ Anyone Jeweler 400 IRL or actually using crystals?
  4. It needs more ..... something I can't put my finger on .....
  5. Tiger Dab
  6. Dedicated to our favorite WP in Draconis Mons:
  7. Now that we have Oakheart's Essence, why don't we hold a race in the guild hall or make a thunderdome style event? Other thing - I'm sure someone can recreate this shot with toons gliding and grappling side-by-side
  8. Hopefully anet fixes the wall north of Draconis Mons.....
  9. Do you really believe celebrities roam Tyria for kicks? I can recall one AB Multimap event this year where apparently Chris Pratt showed up with his toon to join in the fun and map chat exploded. I would be surprised any celebrity would play......