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  2. Crys's Cubs

    @ExiMaster & @OrkGold - I just want to clarfiy. The time we raid is 1AM UTC Saturday, which is on Friday at 9pm for both of you if you are in EST timezone. Not Saturday :)
  3. Crys's Cubs

    @Erik we tried that but it didn't fit
  4. Crys's Cubs

    As a veteran raider who is not on the meme squad, I am here to put an actual response because I am a party pooper. Acc name: eloqen.8297 (or something like that) Raid exp: regular clears almost solely as dps Classes: here to learn how to chrono/tank, heal druid, and improve ps if somehow we have a surplus of my other options. Do not let me be a pussy and dps.
  5. Leader and TTS members derp page!

    Wow @Merforga. How about Chaos traitline at Xera?

    I will be there o7 eloqen.8297 (or a number of alts) Regular weekly clears (usually have some issues at Matt). Experienced classes in order of preference: - Tempest - Berserker - Druid Also have geared: - Reaper I would prefer prior to reset :) I will be there anyway :P
  7. TTS Pokemon General Thread!

    @Spear Of Flame - for NA consoles, you can currenly download Keldeo via internet, Hoopa via code (2016HOOPA I think), Darkrai via code (DARKRAI20 I think) and on 10/10 NA Volcanion codes should be available at Gamestop stores.
  8. TTS Pokemon General Thread!

    Remember to get your Victinis this month! There's also second chance 20th Anniversary Darkrais (DARKRAI2016) and Happy Hour Meowths (HAPPY) for PAL consoles - end date is unknown so get in quick! (I can grab extras if anyone needs as I now have a completely resettable game). I am able to start breeding mons for the TTS Johto Classic - let me know, and if you let me know early enough I can even do a legit competitive shiny (via SV abuse - this can take anywhere from 24 hours to 3 weeks). I can also do some specific Hidden Powers (Ice, Fire, Grass mainly, looking to get HP Ground as well). Wahoo!
  9. [Sign up] OCE Static Group 2 - Merf's Mermaids

    Eloqen.8297 80+LI, killed all but Xera. Can play anything, but most geared/most comfortable on: Tempest dps/heal > ps war/burnzerker > druid heal. I do not like chrono :P
  10. TTS Pokemon General Thread!

    Not cool: blasting music in the middle of the night, parking incorrectly, trashing parks Also not cool: throwing water bombs and eggs at people who are doing the wrong thing Cool: respecting other people's space and hobbies, resolving disputes with words or a call to the police rather than what is basically assault Let's all be the cool guys yeah?
  11. TTS Pokemon General Thread!

    My attempt at pokemon go is going absolutely fantastically! First I couldn't find it on the play store, so I found a direct link to it on kotaku. That said my device was incompatible with the software, but then someone provided me a work around that worked for them (they had the same problem). I spent about 100mb of my pitiful prepaid data to download the files on my way to work, to find out that I still couldn't play it on a phone I bought last year. Yes, I am salty.
  12. TTS Pokemon Tournament - Summer 2016: Kanto Klassic

    Hiya! So after being slightly in front for the first half of the game, my Muk had a bit of a face off with one of Shadow's pokemon and lost - said pokemon went ahead and swept the rest of my team! My Dragonite did his job of killing fairies, my Slowbro did it's job of taking zero damage, and my Alakazam pulled off a OHKO! However, I did lose 3-0 ): Gg to Shadow, and gl to Icarus in next round!
  13. TTS Pokemon Tournament - Summer 2016: Kanto Klassic

    Once again, I am available to breed mons for this tourney and any upcoming ones. Let me know!
  14. Where did TTS come from?

    Yeah, basically the guild started with Ahlou, who started organising fairly successful Teq runs shortly after the update that made him harder than other world bosses. He ended up creating a guild for people to join his maps and it blew out so, so quickly - four guilds in the first two weeks of revamped Tequatl. Pre=megaservers we were probably made up primarily of members from low pop servers, who would otherwise struggle to get a Teq kill during times they were online. We've had our fair share of ups and downs :P
  15. TTS Pokemon General Thread!

    PSA: 2nd chance 20th Ann Mew can now be downloaded on PAL consoles using the code MEW2016. If anyone missed the Feb distribution, I have two games that have not yet received the Mew and can grab it for you. Additionally, remember to get your Manaphy this month!

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