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  1. Well, it's been a long time in thought, 

    However I'm now officially leaving TTS as a whole.

    I don't have any problems with any of you and not one person fueled this thought process.

    I've just come to the conclusion, it's a lot safer for everyone if I'm no longer around the guild(s).

    I've met some amazing people over the year I've been here, did some awesome events in and outside of this game,

    made some awesome friends, and guild mates. Even met my girlfriend through this community.

    Though, now it's time for me to leave.


    Good luck with expansion everyone, and I wish you all the best.


    Cheers, and sorry this is good bye.


  2. Haven't been around for a while; working on a project for some peoples, as well as relearning programs ive neglected; time for a comeback :D 

  3. I just feel... odd now.. :/ 

  4. new forum signature is straight fire. 

    T&L FB _2.gif

  5. "Who wants to lead Teq tonight?"


  6. #Quacksquad for life.

  7. RAM PV If your editing, and you don't almost max out your RAM every 2 seconds pre rendering, you did it wrong lol..

  8. JP mastery point done... now i need to learn the entire pathing so i can lead people to chest... xD


    1. NexForce


      jumping puzzle training? is that going to be a thing?

    2. Lim


      eh used to do some of it on the old puzzles back in the day, if i can get a dedicated group willing to help out as well, i'd be down to do it again.

    3. Naga Phalanges

      Naga Phalanges

      Lets not forget the sacrificial goat, tail hairs of a unicorn, voodoo dance, and nervous breakdown survival packs. We got this. :P

  9. Well, i applied... stop mobbing me now to do it lol 

    1. Addy



    2. Lim


      figured it was the best chance i had at getting through the process, regardless of my personal stuff ive only got till november for my set schedule making it a now or never thing

      hope all goes well.


  10. 3.3Logo_serpent_by_Lim.png

    Logo serpent by Lim.png

  11. 419Lim's_debut.png

    Lim's Debut.png

    1. Addy


      If only my cover photo thingy was well... a thing. I'd make you make me one <.<

  12. What people really don't take into consideration when editing footage... is all the frames that make up 2 second of video, 48 frames later and i'm still not even started.

  13. So, yeah.. come January, i'll no longer be playing Guild wars as much... I want to focus on producing music more again because I've neglected it for so long. I'll still be around, though my priority will no longer be getting mats for halls and decorations; nor will it be graphics. I solely want to focus on making music again because it's a passion of mine that I fear has fallen off lately and I feel the need to make it my number one interest again.

  14. So umm merf.. this good enough?

    requested twitch banner for merforga1 by lim.png

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Merforga


      Add the kangaroo bit XD

    3. Lim


      sub out TTS Leader for it, or tack it on as well?

    4. Lim

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