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  1. Favorite android app! Stellarium, duh.
  2. GW2 "Screenies" :D

    I also found this one. Our little family of gamers. Lord Erin the Wise, Ardatia Rhakios and I, Cpt Von Fouffypants.
  3. GW2 "Screenies" :D

    Korbolo Khan and Naga Phalanges, partners in crime.
  4. Raid Training

    Hello, Just to start off I would like to place a disclaimer that I am a total noob to raiding. I have joined 3 of the raid trainings to date, all led by different players, and thought I would point out what seems to be the most common issue with the raid trainings. It would seem I am not alone, there are large amounts of TTS members showing up with no idea about raiding and while it is posted and stated that you need at the very least ascended weapons and jewelry it is not stated what kind (as this is often role specific). Of the 3 raids I currently joined a lot of time was spent learning the mechanics only to learn after an hour that some of the players are not specced properly. Meaning while they had ascended they were using toughness armor and trinkets or the wrong weapon sets, and or possibly the wrong builds all together. I was thinking that perhaps it would be a good idea to have pre-raid training class lessons. Say grab a group of players who want to learn to play Tempest in a raid, bring them to the training dummy in the mists and talk about build, equipment and (something that I personally find difficult to learn through an online medium) rotation. Maybe this is too much hand holding? The argument could be made that this is not pre-school here and we are all mature (most of us adults) and we should be able to do the reading and research on our own. However I felt it was worth at least making the suggestion in the hopes that it would make training raid sessions a bit easier. At the very least the commanders of the squads should take the time to go through their ranks and know what each of the 9 raiders is equipped with and using since as we've seen even if we ask for a toughness checked some players just don't speak up for whatever reason. Looking forward to many more raids with TTS and my first kill. Cheers and have fun! and as Lord Erin would say "AWW YEK!!!"
  5. Make-A-Meme!

    I will use this opportunity to make my dislike of greatswords known.

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