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  1. How Did You Pick Your Name?

    True story: this character was already made & named when I started to really play and she wasn't my favorite (*le gasp*). The person who created her had gotten 2 GW2 licenses so he could play many, many different characters. I have no idea why he named her this way. Ask Cpt von Fouffypants (and THAT name is a whole story in itself hahaha!)
  2. Welcome Heitkeri our new Probationary Commander

    Hey there welcome to the bunch! :D
  3. Greetings and Silatations

    Hi there and welcome aboard. I may not be on as often as I used to but if you see some random necro flailing that staff around like there's no tomorrow, that'd be me so see you around in game! XD

    OMG rafffflllleeeee *massive arm flailing*
  5. Triple Trouble Guide!

    Wow! That is one precise TT guide! :D
  6. OCE new probie Rim/Gaedian

    Hey Rime, welcome welcome welcome and congrats on your new rank! See you in game!
  7. GW2 "Screenies" :D

    You might just catch me in a blur of my swirling my staff around like there's no tomorrow and throwing minions everywhere ahahah! ;)
  8. NA/PAC Community Meeting Agenda Sept.30

    Lots to discuss, sounds good! :D
  9. GW2 "Screenies" :D

    Aaawww Tess, your pics are awesome, it's like having our own paparazzi following us in game and getting us in our epic glory! Keep up the good work! I have yet to be caught in your snapshots so I'll keep a lookout for ya! I promise, no photobombing! :P
  10. Me waiting for live story be like:

    See y'all in gaaaaammmmme!


    1. Addy


      It's up now :)

    2. Naga Phalanges

      Naga Phalanges

      Annnnd it's all done now. Poo! Except the jumping puzzle. I'm not even GOING there for a while. :P

  11. "Photographing" TTS Events/Raids

    Now now everyone, no duck face-lookin' poses while doing our full skill rotations hahahah :P Tess, can't wait to see more of your (ermehgerd!) photoshooting talents ^_^ Now excuse me while I go fix my hair to look flawless and partially sponsored by Herbal Essence while doing Teq teeheheeee ;) xo
  12. "Photographing" TTS Events/Raids

    Us all stacked on da campfiyaaaaaah would be epic ;) Oooh, one could be taken of us in the Guild Hall! :D
  13. GW2 "Screenies" :D

    You have no idea how many tries it took to get a decent shot hahaha! ;) But we be awesome :P

    Ooooohh! Love this idea!! And I just had to make a meme to go along with it! :D
  15. Cancellation of NA Events - Aug. 1

    Arrrggh oh no, but I totally understand why this is happening. My brother, Lord Erin, mentioned that this might happen and I guess D Day has come for it. I still hope to see you all in game and OMG July 26th can't come soon enough for new living world stuuuufffffffffff! *massive flailing arms here*

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