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  1. Gear Requirements

    Hey I was the commander on the raid i believe you are talking about, if you are the person you think you were, i was asking non teleportation squad (the raid guild) members to link a piece of armor(to show stats and runes) and a weapon (to show stats and sigils)what you linked was a wanderers sword, and armor with rata novus runes in, neither of those things are acceptable in a raid situation, exotic gear isnt the problem, you can raid comfortably in exotics if you are good, while we do highly prefer ascended gear as it provides a substantial stat increase we do not require anything more than weapons and trinkets or at least meta stats and builds. the issue was the gear you were running was not acceptable for raiding and also you essentially refused to communicate and i was unable to give you any information, I linked meta builds in the teamspeak and will again here http://qtfy.enjin.com/builds if you want to come to training raids please look into these builds and rotations and try and match them as closely as you can.
  2. EU time Raid?

    we have other raids but that schedule is only available to people who are members of teleportation squad, to apply please use this form ^^ http://ttsgamers.com/tts-raid-guild/
  3. EU time zone raids

    Its time i made a forum post regarding EU timzone raids. The training raids for the EU timezone have been pushed back to be a little earlier to 7pm UTC on sundays, I am also forming a core group consisting primarily of people who perform well in training raids, that will raid at least weekly, there is also likely to be a number of unscheduled raids throughout the week organised in the general EU timeslot. To participate please apply to the TTS raid guild here: http://ttsgamers.com/tts-raid-guild/ Hope to see more people there.
  4. EU time Raid?

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention, Im the EU timezone raid commander, Im currently establishing a core group and run weekly training raids along with random raids throughout the week, if you want to join come to one of our training raids ^^ currently 9pm utc although im considering moving it back a few hours. our training raid times are on our calendar http://ttsgamers.com/event-calendar/

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