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  1. I Need a New Name

    I voted for something else but I liked the idea on slack a while back: Spizza. :p
  2. Welcome Our New Oce Probie- Seraphic

    probie! welcome!
  3. Leader and TTS members derp page!

    and then qaezie proceeded to do it again on purpose feelsbadman
  4. Due to unexpected commander unavailability, Community Chooseday events for today (Feb 14th) are cancelled. Our sincerest apologies for this and the late notice. Schedule for the rest of the week remains the same.
  5. Show Off Your Most Recent Purchase

    I just bought this. Can't wait for it to arrive so I can look cute. /is a stereotypical female for once and buys clothes
  6. Leader and TTS members derp page!

    @Asian commander /squadjoin asian rimetin...
  7. GW2 "Screenies" :D

    Been procrastinating lately. Here you go.
  8. Contest/Event Ideas

    Decoration contests for GHalls? Like maybe a floor plan for new deco layout.
  9. What are you listening to currently?

    Otamatone makes me so happy.
  10. Oce New Probie- Bunny

    \o/ Yay probie number two!
  11. Spoooooooookiieeeeee storiesssssssssss

    He stumbles down the rocky path, almost crashing into the wall as he rounds the corner into a dead end. The wall bubbles and boils: from it, a ghastly skull emerges, blood red and laughing at him. He curses under his breath, turning on his heels and immediately trips over cobwebs and rubble. He hears the skull sneer at him, thinks he hears running footsteps and courtier screeches in the night. He spits blood as he gets up and stumbles out of the dead end, ducks into the next alley and runs until he crashes down again, wheezing blood and sweat. He hears a scream in the distance. Was that Christina? Lucille? Maybe it was Brent. He doesn't know: not sure he cares, either. Anymore. He's been part of this deadly game for far too long to worry for any others. He realizes, with a dull ache, that he can't even remember their faces. He grits his teeth and scrapes his fingers on the gravel. He needs to get up. Needs to run, needs to hide. Survive the night. He hears rustling somewhere behind him and scrambles to move off the path, pressing his back firmly against the wall. He feels blindly for anything to defend himself with: his fingers find something long and sleek, light and cold in his hand. He brings it closer to his face and sees it's a bone. A while ago – a lifetime, it feels like – it would have shocked him. Disgusted him. Now, he grips it tightly, feeling its form and weight. It's not much, but it might be enough to buy him time. He starts down the cobblestones again, holding the bone to his chest as a scared child might his favorite stuffed toy. How long until dawn? He glances into the sky, where the mad moon peers down at him, laughing at his struggle. He can't tell. Nights and days blur into one and he just doesn't know. He's so tired. Just as he thinks he might just give in, lay down and let go, something snaps under his foot and flames burst from the ground, blinding him, burning him. He cries out from surprise and pain, shielding his face with his arms as he stumbles forward and drops to the ground, rolling to quench the flames feasting on his clothes and his flesh. Now he's sure he hears footsteps, the mad dancing steps of a dozen courtiers, and their screeching laughter and rabid joy. Smoke and the smell of his own burnt hair and flesh sting his eyes as he struggles to get to his feet before the courtiers' claws reach him. He sees one of them from the corner of his eye and chucks his bone at it, rushing past as it shrieks from disappointment and sways in place, stunned by the hit. He dodges to the side as another lunges at him from a side alley he passes, its shrill cry freezing his heart and nearly his feet. He runs and he runs, but they follow. Until at last he rounds a corner, jumping over rubble and cobwebs, and finds himself face to face with a blood-red skull, howling in lunatic laughter. He hears the courtiers closing in, and knows it's over. He's lost the game. He closes his eyes, trying to drown the cacophony of courtier screeches and mad laughter in a hum of his own. "So lend me your ear and I'll fill it with fear, as I sing of the Mad King Thorn…" (Last minute submission yaaaay)
  12. New Commanding Officer - Aeseld

    Congrats Aeseld! \o/
  13. OCE new probie Rim/Gaedian

    Thansk everyone! Your support is appreciated. <3 Yessir! Of course sir! Except I don't do sandwiches. Will pie suffice?
  14. OCE new probie Rim/Gaedian

    \o/ Please be gentle with me.
  15. Well aside from my Bejeweled addiction (we don't talk about that) I enjoy Choice of Games titles (choose your own adventure books! on your phone!!) and Alphabear (make words out of tiles! featuring cute lil bears!!) and last I saw her, my sister was obsessed with Alto's Adventure (super pretty sidescroller snowboarding game! with trick jumps!!) So those, I guess.

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